Sunday Recap

Hello! Happy Monday (oxymoron?)!!

Let me give you a recap of yesterday.

We ate lunch after service (I got a roast beef and turkey Subways sandwiches with some Sun Chips).

Then after we let it digest it a bit, 8 of us went over to the fireside room for a little exercise!

I led them through some core moves in the beginning, then through several yoga flows. It was pretty interesting to have to give all the cues and postures while doing them. I also had to try to make sure all the students were doing the flows correctly. I tried to give them a lot of options and variations, and just told them to take breaks or rest when they needed to.

I ended up sweating and working out a good amount as well. Seven students on the first day? NOT BAD!

^This was after class was done. Don’t worry, during the real session, they were deep into that warrior two with their back leg straight.

I went with Tammy to the mall to kill some time (and cool off. It was SUPER HOT yesterday!).

Then when the guys were done with basketball, I went with Joe to a place with the most delicious and buttery of all breads:


Why did we drive all the way to Union City for Texas Roadhouse? Because Joe had a coupon for a free appetizer that expired yesterday. What did we get? Their famous RIBS:

Yeah. It was fall-off-the-bone tasty. I had to eat it as a little slider in their breads to balance out how saucy and fatty it was (though putting it in a buttery roll is probably not that helpful).

I got their Grilled Chicken Salad (with the bacon and thousand island dressing on the side).

I also ate like a 1/2 cup of their super salty peanuts. My goodness, you better have a huge glass of water next to you… but it was soooo addicting!

Joe got the sirloin, a side salad, and a cup of chili. Good stuff, I tell ya. I really like their sirloin steaks!

After dinner, I was felt like having something cold, tart, and sweet (since we had eaten everything fatty and salty). Ahhh, that’s where the beauty of Yogurtland comes it. They never disappoint 🙂


I will have work in the afternoon, followed by school, then the family small group at Joe’s!

I hope you have a great Monday!

Congrats to all the high school graduates out there! And also for the lucky students who are on summer break now 😀

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