All Over the Place

This post is all over the place… so try to keep up.

Tuesday= day of nothing. Actually, today is the first day of registration for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon in Anaheim (it will be in January 2013). I just looked and was planning on registering… but it’s $150. I’m unfortunately not made of money and I don’t poop cash and coins… so until then… I’ll just be jealous of those who CAN afford to run it.

Unless someone wants to pay for my registration as a super early 25th birthday present (my 25th birthday is about a week after this race). 😀 Anyone? Anyone? Darnsit.


I let Vanna in yesterday because it was so hot and I needed to change my sheets anyways.

We had fun. This is my favorite picture. Vanna looking all weird and cute, and me with no makeup, double chin, and up-my-nose shot. Pretty much as real as it gets.

She wanted to chill on my stomach but it was getting super hot, so I made her just cuddle next to me. This girl is such a cuddle freak… but it’s okay because she’s cute.




Michael and I even played at the same place as these photos (Saratoga High! Since school is out, I’ll have to utilize the courts and the track a lot more).

I used to be a tennis player during my high school years (definitely not a runner). I was thinking of those times and realizing how much I lacked confidence and self esteem. I was voted by my teammates to be team captain (for the JV team) when I was a sophomore, but I let this other junior have it because she was older than me (and also kind of intimidated me).

I was chosen to play for a tournament or something during my freshman year, and I declined… but my coach really saw some potential to play (doubles) and so I did it. I remember I was so nervous the first couple of points that I was standing in the wrong places and being all funk. My coach had to give me a little pep talk to remind me that I’m good and that I should relax and just kill it out there. My partner and I ended up WINNING it (again, this was when I was a freshman for the JV team).

I really got more confidence when I played doubles on the varsity team my junior year. I was actually still coming out of an eating disorder, but I think I played some of my best tennis during those years. I remember being able to knock down several targets with my serves during practice. I was able to spook the players with a killer forehand and leave them on edge with my serves.


It was some of the ugliest rallying ever, but Michael was kind enough to keep going (We rallied for 1h 15 min). Ever since I quit tennis during my senior year, my forehand has dissipated into some nasty, fidgety swing. Luckily, I still have a consistent backhand.

Michael and I play together about once a year… literally. Why? Because I’ll be excited to play and get back into tennis, and then be so disappointed about how awkward and horrible my game looks that I’ll “quit” again… until the following summer.

This year, I want to try to play at least once a week. I’ll just be studying YouTube clips or something. I would definitely love to get back into playing doubles again. I can’t wait until I can actually aim and hit the ball where I want it to go.

It’s going to be quite the journey.


The one thing I was really happy about is my SPEED! I was able to chase down all the balls (although, once I got there, I would end up smacking it way out of bounds, haha) and my reaction time is so much quicker! I guess those couple of speed workouts and running regularly have made me faster on the court.

I told Michael this, and he was like, “… Yes. Way to be positive…” as he ran around the whole court trying to hit back all my nasty shots.


… No, that’s golf… ooh and I want to go to the range to hit some balls, too!


Summer has made me want to be outside and active 😀

What outdoor activities/sports do you enjoy?

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