Get Ripped 1000 DVD

Something to brighten your day:

What a weirdo.

(No matter how hot, she will chase after that darned ball/bear… but after a while, she won’t let you get a hold of it so she could take a breather).


It was Josh’s night to make dinner last night. He made a seabass dish with brussel sprouts and cauliflower mash on the side.

I ate about two times this, hah. That cauliflower mash (not pictured) was awesomes and the onions soaked up the white wine, making it pretty flippin’ delish.


I forgot to share about Monday night’s family small group.

Joseph brought up some very interesting things from Exodus 33. This was during the time after the people had a golden calf made and God was very angry with them. Even though he was not going to go with them, He still sent an angel ahead of them to drive out the other nations before them. God was still going to bless them with the land flowing with milk and honey.

Joe noticed that there is a lot of emphasis on God’s presence in Exodus, and during this time, His presence would not be there, but His blessings would still be there. So it made Joe think about what we really crave. Do was want and desire simply God’s presence? Or are we okay without that, as long as God still sends His blessings?


I tried this DVD this morning:

^I don’t really like when they say things like “burn up to 1000 calories…” It might get people thinking they are to reward themselves after with 1000-calories-worth of food or something. Let’s get real, guys. It’s probably more like 500 (unless you are a very tall, very overweight person).

Anywho, I enjoyed this DVD. It reminds me a lot of Body Pump, just with cardio bursts in between. I did 55 minutes of it and there were some challenging parts because I used my 15 pound dumbbells. I had to move from my 10’s to 8’s during the biceps-wide-squat segment. Dangit.

I ended up getting a good sweat and feeling the burn (because they up the repetitions like crazies. The Abs portion was lamesauce. I think I’ll do my own stability ball-core work later on.

(I don’t plan on doing this DVD again. I kind of wish I just did a P90X one… BUT, I’m glad I tried it).


My Bio class was cancelled today! That means I have the whole evening open for plenty of shenanigans and fun!

… or I’ll go to the yoga class that I haven’t been to in a couple of weeks. Probably that one.


Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Do you like to try new workout DVD’s (checking them out at the library)?


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