Moving Up

It’s almost Friday, everyone! Hooray!

I’ll be off to a praise night very soon. I just wanted to let you know something pretty awesome…

I’m moving up in weights! I did the Insanity Upper Body Weights video today and was brave enough to try some of the heavier weights/dumbbells for many of the moves. Of course, I made sure my form was impeccable, but I did end up slowing down and shaking like crazy on the last couple of reps. I was shaking so much my cheeks were jiggling.


Anyways, I really love the fact that I’m getting stronger and that I’m able to lift more weights.

Now the part I need to work on is my eating (or not eating). I was in a weird funk last night and watched almost all of season 3 of Modern Family while laying in bed and being blobbish. I had eaten a butt-ton of (junk) food and perhaps wanted to wallow under the sheets (except it was so flippin’ hot that I was just sweating and uncomfortable the whole night). I got very poor rest and couldn’t fall asleep until 2:00am (*gasp* unspeakably late for me).

Well, today was a new day, and much better than yesterday. I tried to stray from the PB jar today (I kind of attacked that thing with a spoon last night. Yeah, pretty gross), and eat some veggies. I also checked off one of my “June To-Do Tasks” by going to Kaiser and choosing new frames for my new lenses. Garsh, those lenses are pricey, so I had to go with super cheapo frames… under the section that says “Value” instead of “Designer”/”Women”.

[Fun Fact: I have HORRIBLE eyesight. I bet you my eyes are worse than yours. If you think -4.5 is bad or something… you obviously don’t know my left eye. No joke, I see only blobs and colors without my contacts or glasses.]


I want to attempt a fun workout tomorrow morning called 24’s. We’ll see how it goes, peoples. It’s going to be a crazy workout and I just might hate myself during it. Fun.


This is a very low-mileage running week for me. I’ll get back into it next week.

What are your weekend plans? Anyone running?


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