Okay. Here was my crazy little (HUGE) idea… something I’ll call 24’s.

“Why 24” you say? I am 24 years old and I like doing reps of 12… so I’m just going to double it.

So I started off by doing 24 minutes on the elliptical. Nice and warmed up.

Then I busted out these moves:

24 pushups (had to go down to knees for half of them) followed by 24 in-and-out abs (pushup up position and jump feet in and back out= one rep).

24 overhead press followed by 24 jumping jacks.

24 plie squats with 35# plate followed by 24 squat jumps (knees must come way up and land softly). <—MEAN.

24 wide-armed rows followed by 24 ski abs (from pushup position, jump feet toward right, jump feet back, then jump feet toward left).

24 side lunges (12 on each side) with 35# plate followed by 24 jump-switch lunges (one on each side=1 rep). <— I must not like myself very much.

24 squat biceps curls (12 on each side) followed by 24 plank-position toe taps.

REPEAT ONCE. Yeah, I said it. (That’s a total of 24 moves, duh). Minimal rest.

Wouldn’t you know it, it took about 24 minutes!

Ideally, I would include something like 24 pullups… but that would probably mean we have entered into another dimension or the earth is losing its gravitational pull.

Here’s my scary, sweaty post-workout picture for ya. Did I startle you awake? You’re welcome.

^It took me like 5 whole minutes to get this one picture because the camera is all backwards and I can’t figure out how to move in the opposite way. My stupid pinky is cut off…



I can’t wait until I’m 40. Then I’ll call it 40’s and be a beast.

Just kidding… I can totally wait.

Wow, I’m pooped.


*Edited to add pictures of my new top:

^I can now show off my sweet backside. Thanks to all those rows and lat pulldowns, I can look like a buff dude from behind.

So that top was kind of free. With my credit card rewards points, I got an Athleta gift card (with also comes with Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and others). This one was on sale for $29.99. I loves it. I’ll be wearing a different one that was “free” tomorrow.


Michael, Joe, and I are going to Santa Cruz today to EAT and BE MERRY. Well, we will perhaps go to The Boardwalk or something after eating. Then we’ll head to Camp Maymac for our church retreat.

🙂 It’s going to be a good weekend. I had better bring a lot of sunblock because our church is having a beach day on Saturday, too!

I won’t be blogging until Sunday night, so I hope you have a wonderful and restful Saturday!

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