Retreat Recap

This post will be a recap of the NCUMC Summer Retreat, heavy with photos.

So on Friday, I left for Santa Cruz with Michael and Joe. We went early to get lunch and hang out before we went to the retreat site. We went to Cafe Brasil and waited for about 20 minutes for a table (this place is BUSY, and there are always a lot of people waiting to get in because it’s so popular).

Joe and Michael both got the beef a cavalo. Whenever I see beautifully caramelized onions on Joe’s plate, I get excited…

.. because it means it’s all MINE (Joe has an aversion to onions, meaning I am the luckiest, onion-loving girl alive). I ordered the chicken a polenta. I really wanted something with polenta for some reason, and this hit the spot.

To finish, we shared an acai bowl (some kind of acai smoothie thing, topped with granola, strawberries, and bananas), which is perfect on a hot day:

We watched Prometheus after, which I enjoyed (it was pretty much exactly what I expected. It kept me engaged the whole time with no chance of falling asleep).

Then it was time to head to the retreat site and we had dinner, an ice breaker, and then our worship service. It was a great first night and I got relatively good rest, considering that the bed thing I was sleeping on was so uncomfortable (6.5 hours, woo!).


On Saturday morning, the kids had something to show us:

They were catching lizards all morning! I had the heebie-jeebies for sure.

After the morning service, we had small group (the women’s group was all in tears. I was sobbing… the kind where you try to talk at the same time and the tears just get worse. Oh, my goodness, I had so much snot), lunch, and then headed to the beach.

It was free time at the beach, so some decided to take a nap:

Others decided to wrestle and exert as much energy as possible:

Others just spectated and laughed at everyone being silly:

After the beach, on the way back to the campsite, we stopped by at Marianne’s for ice cream.

They have so many flavors to choose from, and Joe and I got in a little tussle trying to pick which flavor to put on our Belgian waffle.

In the end, we went with the Burgundy Cherry (what Joe wanted to try). It was a good choice considering the fruit toppings they had.


This retreat site is nice because they had a sand volleyball court, as well as basketball courts. I was too lazy to do anything, so I sat and ate cookies while watching them play.

Then before the last service, we did some more games and I got to be the alien for our team.

I happened to be the most fashionable, but the other aliens were cooler… some of them were even able to fire toilet paper balls.


It was such a great time to get away from our homes, to be in a different environment, and to be with these awesome people for the whole weekend. God has truly blessed our church by making it a community of wonderfully generous and genuinely kind people.

What else happened? Well since we were all running on coffee fumes (they keep the coffee flowing 24/7. It’s pretty great) and such a lack of sleep, we ate and snacked a little more than usual. Also, I think when you’re around people, it’s easy to talk while eating (social snacking?).


After church on Sunday, the boys played basketball and I went  to the gym to get sweaty.

Well it was so hot that I was sweaty even before stepping into the gym. Then, I realized that I forgot everything that I usually have… no magazine, no water bottle, no sweat-wicking shirt. Wow, it was so uncomfortable running in a regular bra and a cotton t-shirt.

Anywho, here is my workout from yesterday:

Treadmill: 20:04, 2.50 miles. I was just going to run 20 minutes, but I was so close to 2.5.

Then I had to get some water because I was SO SWEATY. Then I wanted to do another 2.5 and just beat the previous time.

Treadmill: 19:43, 2.50 miles. I didn’t beat it by much, but hey… it’s still faster.

Elliptical: 12 minutes, “1.0 mile”. That was just a cooldown.


I’ll have to be back to snacking less and working our regularly. I also need to catch up on my sleep.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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