Cardio Crazy

Quick recap of yesterday’s workout… which was all cardio and crazy sweaty.

Treadmill: 16:00, 2.0 miles. Good warmup. Had to switch magazines.

Treadmill: 15:24, 2.0 miles. Walked for 0.25 miles. So sweaty. Had to use the restroom.

Treadmill: 9:00, 1.0 mile. I did a ladder down, starting from 8.8 mph and going down 0.1 every 30 seconds. Then at 5 minutes, I walked until I hit 1 mile.

Stairclimber: 15 minutes, “1.5” mile (it said 1.87, but I rounded down).

Treadmill: 7:50, 1.0 mile; and then cooldown walk for 0.25 mile.

That is a total of 8.0 miles, son.

It’s kind of fun changing things around all the time. It makes time fly 🙂


This morning, I went with Michael to drop off his car and we did some shopping. We had to pick up something things from Costco for my parents… as well as getting myself some essentials (Greek yogurt and protein bars). There weren’t many samples, but at least this one was there:

I think it’s called bolani? It came with yogurt sauce, some pesto-y sauce, and jalapeno jelly. SO GOOD.

Then I got this quinoa salad. I hope it’s yummy. I’ll try to make it the same way if it turns out to be bombtastic.

Lastly, we went to Sports Basement to use the $25 gift card I got from the Mermaid Run. I was looking for trail running shoes and found an awesome pair of Mizuno’s (Wave Ascend 6) for 65 bucks. With the gift card AND a 10% off coupon, I got them for $38!

I know they look kind of flashy, but when I put them on, they look really cool. Even Michael said that. Also, I was kind of hoping these size 9’s would be too big for me… but they fit perfectly. I gots me some big ol’ feet 😛

Now it’s time to go tear up the mountains! I’m so excited to use them!


Today’s workout will be a first… the P90X Legs and Back video! Michael said it’s pretty awesome. I’ll use those 20# dumbbells if I’m feeling brave (plus, I think my thunder thighs can handle it).

Hope you’re having a good Tuesday!

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