P90X Leg and Back

I just recovered with a 1.5 mile walk with my mama and Vanna. Too bad the picture was so blurry.

One thing that I did not get from my mama? HER LEGS (fine, I guess that makes it two things). They are stick-thin and contain no muscle. She’s been working on that and was told by her doctor to exercise every day. She may be turning 62 soon, but she is quite the trooper. She has been run-walking our hilly neighborhood almost everyday for a week! I think I got good lungs and a strong heart from her 🙂

And then there was Miss Crazy Eyes here…

She is also quite happy to go for a walk/run, any time, any day (except when it’s in the middle of the day and the concrete gets scalding hot).


I did the P90X Legs and Back video today, and it was fun! I worked up a good sweat, but the only portions that truly made me feel challenged were the back/pullups and the calf raises. The lunges were fun, but not crazy tough. I mostly used my 12# and 15# dumbbells for the ones where you can use a weight.

For the pullups, I had to use these handle bars that are pretty low and allow for me to put my feet forward and on the ground. Pullups definitely make me keep my core engaged and I also felt my back working hard to pull. Those last few reps are killer.

And CALF RAISES, WHAAAA?  I used my 15# dumbbells. I realized that this is the first time I’ve done them and whoa… I’m pretty sure if I busted out a few more reps, they would have cramped. I wonder if calf raises would help me be a better runner? We’ll see.


In other news, I had some good eats for dinner:

^The quinoa salad from Costco, on top of cheese and spring mix. It was all mixed together and super yummy!

For dessert, I had this Greek Yogurt Blueberry bar, also from Costco.

Today was a great day! Work was fantastic (I got to see an old student who was super little when he first came, and now he’s so big! I got to work with his younger brother today and it was so fun).


Oh! Our family small group yesterday was great. Even though we were short two members, we still had a good discussion.

The retreat over the weekend was all focused on the Holy Spirit, and it’s kind of amazing how much I crave the Spirit now! I want to be filled everyday with the Spirit so that I can have more patience at work, more love for those who are hard (for me) to love, and more compassion for those who are cast out. With the Spirit, I can be less selfish and more giving. Through the Spirit, I can encourage and uplift those around me. By the Spirit, there will be healing and revival.


Have a blessed evening!

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