Soreness and Randomness


My entire back sore today. Why? Doing all those pullups yesterday. I guess Tony Horton heard that I was like “WHATEVS”ish about the video, so he prayed for my body to truly feel it today…

Garsh, Mr. Horton. That wasn’t very nice of you.


Here’s how I had to do the “pull-ups”:

Yup. That’s where the tricep dips are usually done. Just alternating legs every few reps and pulling all the way until my chin to where my hands are= TOUGH. Also, I left all those pajamas and stuff right there as I did them. Plus, Michael was sitting in that chair yesterday playing Diablo III while I did this workout. Poor guy. He should probably buy me a pull-up bar 😛

Random note: I would love to be able to do triceps dips. I think triceps are way cooler than biceps. If I tried them though, I’m pretty sure I would dislocate both shoulders why falling and pass out from shock. That’s why I’ll just stick with chair dips and overhead triceps press.

This was the first leg move from the video and I think I’ll incorporate it into my heavy leg workouts at the gym. It causes you to work on balance and creates a different movement from the traditional lunge.


Even though the leg portion wasn’t as crazy tough as my heavy leg days, my legs are still fatigued today. That is due to the fact that most of the moves were new to me. Anyways, since my legs are tired, I just did an easy walk with my mom and Vanna again this morning. This time, we walked all the way to Downtown Saratoga and around some of the neighborhoods for a total of 3.0 (hilly) miles. 

Vanna always stops at this one place with long wet grass and buries her face in it and rolls around because it cools her off (she comes out all wet). Oops, blurry photo:


I woke up early to do my QT and it was AWESOME! I want to try to wake up early everyday, which means I need to go to bed earlier. I’ve slowly been changing by bedtime about 15 minutes earlier each day. Watch out grandpas. I’ll be in bed by 8:00pm one of these days and get up before dawn.

I joke. I think being in bed by 10:30 and falling asleep with a boring book is perfect.


In other randomness, I got this bar on sale from Safeway.

Sounds cool, right? Well here’s the shocker:

370 calories? Daaaang. The fat content makes sense since there’s peanut butter. I’m sure there are some petite people out there who could eat this as a meal. HA! I’ll eat it as a snack (by itself), but I’m glad I saw it before downing it with two cups of milk and a banana.


I feel somewhat direction-less with my workouts right now because I don’t have any races in the near future. Oh, well. There are many activities planned for the summer:

-Camping with the young adults

-Kayaking in San Francisco with the young adults

-5 Peaks hike

-Stand-up paddle surfing in Lake Tahoe

-Tennis with Michael

-Golf range… just for fun, hehe 😉

If anyone is signing up for a cheap local race in San Jose/South Bay, let me know! Otherwise, the next race will be the San Jose Half Marathon in October… and that’s waaaay too far away for me to wait.


Pretty much the most unorganized and random post ever! Thank you if you kept up. Sorry if you feel like you just walked in circles and went nowhere.

Hope you have a great Wednesday!

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