Early In the Morning

Good morning, everyone!

I woke up early this morning to get in a great workout. I chose to do the P90X Shoulders and Arms video. My back wasn’t feeling as sore as yesterday (I took some glutamine in hopes for some magical recovery). First thing I did, in the quiet hours when everyone is still sleeping, was my QT. It was literally QUIET, YO. Even Vanna was still sleeping.

Perhaps that’s why Jesus always went in the early morning to go somewhere to pray. It was a great time to study the Word and pray.

So afterwards, I got a pen and paper and did the video. This is the first time I wrote stuff down (even though Tony Horton said over and over in every video to WRITE IT DOWN, I didn’t, ha. I’m just curious to see if I’ll be getting stronger, so I had to write with my shaky hands all the weights and reps used for each move.

I also wrote down if it was a good weight or tough, just so I could adjust for next time.

Here are my messy notes… if you’re interested:

There are three moves of shoulders-biceps-triceps, and two sets of each. Then you move on to new shoulders-biceps-triceps moves. If you’ve done the video, all this will make a lot more sense to you.

Now I get to enjoy my protein shake while getting ready to go to Jane’s house to train some church peeps (Jane, Addie, Jenny, and two high school graduates- Arthur and Evelyn! There’s going to be a lot of people today). I usually don’t work out before going there, but I realized that I should get in my own work out and then focus on them when I train them. I want to watch their form instead of focusing on my own workout. Plus, they will no longer be able to cheat or slack off because I’ll be keeping a close eye on them, MUAHAHAHA.

And then Jane is providing a BBQ lunch… so I’ll have to make them burn as many calories as possible before we eat!


On a random note, here’s what that PB&J bar (the one that’s 370 calories) looked like. Liars. Totally not what I expected. There’s no JAM, dangit.

And here are two other ones (also 50% at Safeway, haha):

^The first one pretty much tastes how it sounds like… RAW, gluten free, wheat free, nut free, taste free. Whatevs, it’s healthy. The second tastes pretty good and has 10g of protein. I like to keep these on hand in case I have to grab a snack or be out-the-door early in the morning.


Last night, I signed up for two races!

First is the Miles for Migraines 10K on July 15th. It’s in Mountain View and registration was 35 bucks (around 38 with the fee).

Then the Trail Hog 10K on September 22nd (<–I did the half marathon of this race last year and came in THIRD woman… of course…). I’m planning on trail running and getting really good at those hills and then KILLIN’ it in this 10K. It’s mighty steep on those hills, so I have a big goal ahead of me.


Ooh, the weather is pretty cool today (relative to the other days). If I’m not too tired from the training with everyone today, I’ll make my way to Rancho San Antonio County Park to do some trail running (in my new Mizuno trail running shoes!).

Hope you have a fun Thursday!

Have you ever done the P90X workouts? Did you write and record your workouts every time?

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