A Recap Post in Pictures

Here is what Thursday looked like:

I led the girls through one hour of sweating (warmup, plyometrics, core, pilates). I’m so glad they still liked me at the end.

The entire house was filled with kids, grown kids, and adults. We made a barbecue lunch and it was time to eat!

Some of these boys were able to put away two or three plates of food.

I put away two of these bad boys (Addie made the delicious Asian salad, which I probably ate like 6 cups of throughout the day. The meat was marinated by Jane and bbq’d by YOURS, TRULY. Glad it cooked through).

And summer season= yummy corn and WATERMELONS.

We went for a 1.8 mile walk around Jane’s hilly neighborhood after the late lunch and then ate some dessert.

My espresso was soon affogato’d when I added vanilla bean ice cream after.

This is chocolate brittle from Costco and it is DANGEROUSLY good. Watch out, peoples. You have been warned:

We ended up hanging out until it was time to go to Sisters’ Bible study. I finished up on the salad:

And there was this oxtail soup (originally created in Russia) that we ate with rice:

At the Bible study, I couldn’t keep my hands off the sweets:

^I wish I could say this was it… but that would be a bold-faced lie.


Yesterday was a busy day! I went over to Joe’s and we went to Downtown Palo Alto to get lunch:

We went to Crepevine, the same place I went to with Noel. 

I ended up ordering the same salad (Bangkok salad):

And Joe got the Sonoma chicken sandwich (grilled chicken, provolone, pesto, delicioso).

Then we went to a frozen Greek yogurt place. I got the plain and the mango frozen yogurts with figs and almonds. Joe and I split this and it was quite tasty:

Joe’s lucky I was full from lunch because otherwise, I would not have shared.

We went to IKEA and he didn’t find what he was looking for. We later went to Target to get one thing and walked out with three bagfuls of stuff (MY BAD).

Then I got my hands on these and it was game over.


So after all this indulging in sweets, I’m trying to think of the best way to get balance from it all. Well, I love my salads and veggies, so at least it’s not like I’m not getting nutrients.

Hmm. I hope when it comes closer to race time, I’ll be more vigilant about how I fuel and refuel.


I’ll be running about 10 miles this morning. Nothing crazy fast, but something long. I haven’t really done a mile in the two-digit range in a while and I miss it.

By the way… IT’S JOE’S BIRTHDAY TODAY!! It’s going to be a good day 😀

Hope you also have a good day, everyone!

5 responses to “A Recap Post in Pictures

  1. What I felt from the first picture (girls posing) was “What doesn’t kill you make you stronger.” LOL.

  2. I liked that you kept your eyes on us to help us with the correct form. Form’s important to a good workout, right? Thanks Michelle!

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