Sunday Track Workout

So after the P90X workout yesterday, I went to the Saratoga High School track and attempted to do some speedwork (remember… I detest track workouts because it is tough, people! I can’t run fast, I only find a good, almost comfortable pace and run for a long time).

So anyways, I started out with a 1 mile warmup, then did some 100m strides with 100m jog/walk. I was planning on doing a 1 mile timed run (as fast as possible), but it was actually kind of windy and made one half of lap very difficult. I’ll save that for a non-windy day.

So anyways, I did 800m x 2, then 100m sprint x 6. The 800’s (2 laps) were followed by a recovery walk/jog lap, and the 100’s were followed by 100m walking (run on the straight part, walk on the curve). Then I jogged for a couple more laps to cool down and called it a day.

4.5 miles, including warm-up and cool down.

I know for many runners, doing only 2 800’s is super duper weaksauce… so hopefully I can add an extra 800 every week and soon be able to bust out 5 of them easily.

Speedwork is like eating vegetables for some people. You don’t like it, but you know it’s good for you, so you’ll force yourself to eat a bit of it every now and then.

Seriously, I think I did like two track sessions last year. I believe I’m already up to 4 for this year, which is pretty flippin’ amazing. I hope it will give me that push in the last part of races, to be able to fight through the pain and kick it to the finish.


Lunch yesterday after service was yummy! Thanks, Addie, for this colorful and delicious meal! There was homemade chili, which I ate with crackers; homemade guacamole (eaten with chips); salad with homemade Greek dressing; and sweet watermelon. Our church members are spoiled with all this goodness!


I went to another youth retreat counselors’ meeting in Oakland. Honestly, I hate meetings but these counselors’ meetings are so fun for me! The counselors and their passion for their students and the church create such an amazing atmosphere. Whoever thought I would look forward to meetings??

We had my favorite for dinner:

BIBIMBAP, SON. That kochujang was really spicy, so I should have tasted it before putting half a cup into my bowl. And sesame oil is a MUST (I tried to keep it around 1.5 tsp instead of a whole tbsp). This meal was also followed by three watermelon slices.

And I was pressured into a chubby bunny thing, involving 5 marshmallows. I could only get four in before I realized my airway had been blocked… so I cheated and chewed it so I wouldn’t have to yack (which would probably have ruined the nice evening).


I have one final assignment/presentation and one final test before spring semester is done. I need to get back to my presentation thing, and I’ll probably get in my workout later this evening after class. Then its back to studying all night.

Hope you guys enjoyed the weekend! Have a good week!

One response to “Sunday Track Workout

  1. Sorry we ran out of food! I usually make enough…. Gotta remember that we have a lot of hungry young adults:) It’s fun feeding you guys. It’s so rewarding watching people enjoy and appreciate something I created. It’s very self affirming!

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