Why I Love Trail Running

Hi. I ate horribly today. HORRIBLY, I TELL YA.

Homemade whole wheat waffles with a tablespoon of PB on each one and a huge box of cherries. That was a small fraction of what I decided to distract myself with today.

When it gets to crunch time and I need to study, I get super antsy and decided I’m hungry the whole day… and eat away at the time where I should be studying.

Yes. I am officially back to being 14 years old… actually, no. I know some very disciplined 14 year olds. I don’t know what the heck I am.

ANYWAYS… let’s get to the best part of the day.

After I gave a little presentation/speech about a research article, there was plenty of time to hit the trails for a run. I had the number SEVEN in mind, but it was already about 7:00pm, so I knew I had to run quickly or I would be in the darkness by my lonesome.

It starts off nicely in a residential area in Saratoga, then quickly starts climbing.

There is this one hill that is so big and steep that it hides a second humongous hill behind it.

Once you get halfway, you realize there is way way way more to go… that little dip is around halfway and that hill is so weirdly neverending, especially when you’re trying to run up.

Well it’s nice at the top. Then the trail continues to the left. (it was around this time that I discovered that my coconut water tasted weird. I was trying to place this particular taste and realized in horror that it was our DISH SOAP. Great. 10 ounces of undrinkable liquid… in this sun… dangit.)

Oh, well. So, this trail cuts through lots of hills where there are some very expensive homes, and then we get to the actual trail where runners, bikers, and equestrians could be found. Today, I went down a new hill and discovered some awesome switchbacks:

^Yeah, it’s a pain in the butt coming up, but it’s really great to break it down mentally while running (such as: Run to the end of this switchback… okay one more… alright next one’s not that steep… blah blah blah DONE).

I don’t know about you, but I love these uphills.


I was so thankful to God for making me healthy and healing me from my past struggles, and also praising Him for creating these beautiful mountains! It was around this time, being one with nature and praising God that I thought of something random…

Adam and Eve (the first man and woman to walk the earth) were definitely trail runners. And I guess they were the first people to come up with the whole barefoot running trend.

Why do I think that? Well it’s because as I was running, I felt this amazing freedom, I felt liberated and so alive! I saw the dirt trails, the green bushes, tall trees, and I thought it was all so beautiful. Think of how much more beautiful the Garden of Eden is! I know Adam walked with the Lord, but I’m pretty sure he decided to pick up the pace once in a while and just enjoy the freedom and joy of being in a wonderful place, as well as being in the presence of God.

I also felt so very connected to God during this run. Is that weird? I think that’s where the whole Adam was a trail runner idea came from. Being so close with Our Creator.

This is how great I felt inside:

This is how I felt outside:

Trail running is tough, but I actually like this pain more than track workouts. The feeling of conquering a hill is pretty flippin’ amazing. Work up to it. Even if you only make it halfway up a huge hill, just keep trying and when you make it all the way up, you’ll want to do a cartwheel and high-five eight people. It will be so awesome!

I also loved today’s trail run because I barely saw other people (don’t worry, it’s a safe trail). I could be alone with my thoughts or K-LOVE radio, or trip on a rock without being embarassed, or fart. What, you don’t fart? You should probably get that checked out.

This was at the highest point in the Fremont Older Preserve (Maisie’s Peak). Nice view 🙂

I seriously need to clean my camera (that dark blob near the top middle of this picture ruins all my photos).

BOOM, SON. Exactly 7.00 miles of hilly terrain. I. LOVE. IT.

Thank the Lord that I made it through the whole run with only one sip of soapy coconut water. I did stop several times to take pictures while letting the time run… so that means my time is actually faster :D. Anyways, by this time, it was a hair under 11:00 per mile average. Not bad, not bad.

By the way, I got to run in my new Mizuno trail running shoes and LOVE THEM.


If you want to go trail running with me (or hiking), LET ME KNOW! I’m always down and would love to have a trail running friend 🙂

Hope your Monday was awesome!


8 responses to “Why I Love Trail Running

  1. I love your blog. You make it sound so beautiful on the trails and I love your talk about being closer to God through running today. I wish I had trails to run on where I live, but at least I got to see pictures of a pretty place. keep it up 🙂

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  3. I checked out Maisie’s peak for the first time on new year’s day from stevens creek reservoir trailhead. It’s pretty cool and so close, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been up there before.

    • Yes! It’s pretty gorgeous up there. Weird thing is is that I’ve been living in the area for almost 20 years and only discovered that whole trail/hiking/mountain biking area a couple years ago! (Then again, I don’t think I would have cared to go there at the age of 6).

  4. “Homemade whole wheat waffles with a tablespoon of PB on each one and a huge box of cherries.” btw, that sounded good to me! as long as the cherries were just fresh cherries…

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