Another Hard Trail Run

I’m up to about 4 hours of studying today (but not straight… I don’t have that much discipline when it comes to sitting on my butt and reading and looking at pictures of our internal organs).

Guess what I had for my snack? Some peanut butter, a sweet potato, and this:

Yeah. Quakes Rice Snacks, KETTLE CORN. 

So this is 110 calories for 15 crackers (which is what I counted out on a plate, like a big girl).

What I’m likin’ is the 290 mg sodium, and pretty low fiber and protein. Why do I like the high sodium content? Because even though it’s unconventional, I was going to use this as my pre-running snack. 

When I run, I sweat like crazy. I was planning on running during the hottest part of the day (which was around 3:30pm today), and I wanted to make sure I had enough electrolytes and carbs to carry me through the run. I only carried water with me, and let’s just say… I’m glad it didn’t taste like soap. 

I started out on the same trail as yesterday and then decided to include some more downhills in the middle of the run (because then I would have to run back UP during the second half of the run). Yesterday was all up-up-up-up-up in the first half and then down-down-down-down in the second half. Today was more up-up-down-up-down-up-up-down-down-up… blah blah blah.

Wow. It was so very stinkin’ hot during this run (high 70’s and lots of sun). Glad I was packed with all that sodium 😛

I listened to K-LOVE like yesterday and was super duper touched by the song “The Proof of Your Love” by For King and Country. I was listening to the lyrics and almost cried. It even had the monologue in it, and I usually change the station when it comes to that part if I hear it while driving in the car… but I decided to listen to it today and was powerfully awakened at my need to have more love.

Why do I listen to Christian music and praise songs when I run? Sometimes in the difficult stretch of the run when my body is so tired and wants to give up, I am more desperate for strength from God. It makes me start praying that He give me wings or a gentle tailwind to lift me up and help me get through it. The harder the run, the harder I pray. It weirdly makes me emotional, too.

So if you see a big Asian girl with thunder thighs running around on the verge of tears, it’s safe to assume she is just deep in prayer and putting up a good fight in her run.

Okay… what was my run in numbers?

Nice. That is a 10:26 pace, people. WHO AM I? That’s pretty stinkin’ awesome for a hilly trail run (for me). So in two days, I have covered over 15 miles in the mountains. Awesome 😀


Where did this sudden burst of desire for trail-running come from?

Two things. 1.) It was one of my goals for the summer… to run more on the mountainous terrain because I love nature. 2.) I registered for a 22-mile TRAIL RUN. Yeah. I’ll probably be super mad at myself for doing something like this.

If you want to do it, too, you can check out the many different distances here: Crystal Springs Trail Run. 

I got to register for 40 bucks by not getting a t-shirt (it’s $45 if you want the T). It’s also cheaper for the shorter distances. COME RUN IT WITH ME. It will be in Woodside, CA on Saturday, August 11th.

I’m scurred, you guys. That’s why I suddenly felt like getting in some good miles on the crazy hills.

This is what the 22-miler will look like:

^I know. I need to make a GIANT EXCLAMATION POINT HERE. Alarming, yes? They actually offer a full marathon, too… but that has about 800 feet more elevation gain. No, thanks. I’ll just stick to my 2,990 feet elevation.

o__O Holy crap. That’s nearly 3,000 feet. What have I gotten myself into???


So yeah. My summer runs will be in the dirt, in the mountainside preparing for this beastly race. I would be happy with coming in at my full marathon time (3:40). We’ll see how it goes.

Any takers on the Crystal Springs Trail Run? There’s a 5- and 11-miler!

Anyone who’s running other trail runs this summer/fall?

4 responses to “Another Hard Trail Run

  1. What do you use to listen to the radio while you run?? listening to Country or Christian radio is my favorite while running because it never gets old and is constantly changing music that distracts me. A long trail run is on my bucket list (life list) at some point so I am extremely jealous you signed up for one. Alot more training and a change in location before I get to do one… I have time.

  2. Crystal Springs was my first trail race! I did it this January, and it was awesome. Good luck with training! I might sign up for it last minute but will have to wait to see how I feel 🙂

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