Tried a New DVD

Yo, it’s Tuesday. I have my final tomorrow. So far, my studying consists of alternating 45 minutes of studying and a 30 minute break. Or once in a while, those breaks go for an hour or two. HA, I’m terrible.

I was planning on running this morning, so I ate this Cookies and Cream PowerBar (which I got free at a race) with a big banana.

Then I got a random urge to study and after 45 minutes, changed my mind about running and decided to try one of the DVD’s I checked out from the library.

Core Fusion Body Sculpt:

This reminded me of a Barre 2 video that I’ve done, and it was SO GOOD. It is broken down into 10-minute workouts that concentrate on the upper body, thighs, glutes, core, and stretch. I did everything except the stretch.

Lemme tell ya… all of them made my muscles burn (with high repetitions and light handweights/body weight), but the GLUTES part was INSANE. At first, I was thinking, “Ha, no problem. This is pretty easy…” and after a couple minutes, my standing leg was shaking uncontrollably, I was breathing hard and starting to sweat like crazy. WOW. I am thoroughly impressed with how difficult this kind of workout was. Some were big movements, but most of them were controlled, teeny tiny pulses with high reps or isometric.

Luckily, they give variations or rests for beginners. I was stupid and tried not to take any breaks, which led me to get completely owned by this DVD.

You should also look up your library catalog online and put some workout DVD’s on hold (which is what I did). This is especially great for people who don’t have gym memberships and what to change up their workouts.


Random thing that made me laugh today:


This is a pretty cup and all, but the polar bears are SO RANDOM! That second polar bear is hilarious… it looks so shy 😛

I like pretty cups.

And I like funny cups.


Anyone else have finals this week?

Have you tried these Core Fusion DVD’s before? (<— I am thinking of purchasing the one I tried today if I see a good deal on it).

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