Bikram Elliptical and Yoga

I woke up with sore hips and tender leg muscles. Yup, definitely a rest day from running! (I ran 15.15 miles on the trails in the last two days… a little too much for what my body has been up to in the last few weeks).

After my final today (WOO HOOO… except I got owned), I came straight home and hopped on the elliptical.

Anyone watching MasterChef these days? My garsh. I get teary-eyed every time Christine presents her dish (she is a BLIND contestant. Say whaaa?). So after one episode and 45 minutes on the elliptical, going up to a level where I start really having to work at turning the pedals, I was covered in sweat.

It totally reminds me of when I took Bikram yoga with some church friends a couple years ago. I remember seeing flippin’ beads of sweat all over my face, neck, shoulders, arms, legs… and that happened today, peoples.

I also planned on doing some yoga, so I put on one of my favorites: Yoga X (P90X). 


Since I went straight from the elliptical to yoga, I pretty much continued to sweat as if it was 105 degrees and very high humidity. Every few seconds, there would be the sound of a drop of sweat hitting the mat. Sexy, I know.

The shower after a sweatastic workout like this is waaaay better than a shower on a normal day. What a great workout!

I’m going to let my legs get nice and rested up and if they’re ready to pound the pavement tomorrow, I’ll throw down 9 miles. We’ll see in the morning 🙂


Short post tonight because all I did was study today. This workout was definitely the only exciting thing to report to you!

Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday!

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