Just Run

No pictures for this post (WHAT THE..). I’m feeling lazy, hehe.

This morning, there were several excuses that came up in my mind before I forced myself out the door, such as:

1.) Oh, it’s already so late in the morning… too hot!

2.) I already ran a lot during the early part of the week.

3.) Ooh, Mad Men is so very interesting (I’m now in season 2).

4.) I don’t have any clean shorts.


One thing that I found works like a charm is slathering myself in sunblock while I’m coming up with excuses. Why? Because it’s expensive and would be a complete waste if I just washed it off, AND it feels nasty if it just sits there for a long time.

Find whatever works for you. Sometimes, people just get into their workout clothes and just try to do at least ten minutes of exercise. I also try to think about how I feel when I finish the run. I feel drained, tired, and cleansed. It’s the best stress-reliever, I tell ya!

So once I got to the Los Gatos  Creek Trail, I realized something horrible… NO GARMIN, WHAAAAT? I looked all over the place and then remembered that I was charging it this morning. I briefly thought about just going to the gym, but then I thought it would be a great opportunity to get out there and JUST RUN.

Running for the sake of running doesn’t make sense to a lot of people (COUGHJOECOUGHCOUGH). A lot of people I know will run to score a basket or chase down a ball. I run just to RUN. Ideally, I’ll be running faster and faster.

I took the same 8.2-mile out-and-back course that I do all the time, and I just set my Sansa (poor woman’s ipod) to K-LOVE and just ran slowly. It worked out because it was mad stinkin’ hot. So I don’t know my time or pace today. I was thankful for this run. Do you know how blessed you are to be able to walk out the door and get your heart pumping? Don’t let your body sit in idleness if God has made you capable of more. Challenge yourself.

(Of course, you better get the “Okay” from your primary care physician before attempting a run after years of sedentary lifestyle).

Oh, yeah. Once I got home, I did 10 minutes of core work with the stability ball. Holy crap, my entire core was on fire!


Tonight is going to be fun! After a couple hours of work, I’ll be having dinner with the sisters and then watching a movie with the boys (Joe and my brothers).

Hope you have a great day!

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