It’s Friday!

I received something awesome in the mail yesterday. Here is take 1 of trying to get a picture with it (one would think I’m better with the computer… but then one would be stupids to think so).

And take 2:

This was from OpenSky and I didn’t even realize how very healthy it was when I bought it (I had a free $20 credit because I took a survey… that crap always works on me). I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks like it’s going to be very good for my post-workout recovery:

^Dang. Barely any carbs or fat. Lord knows I could stand to have a little less carbs in my life.


Hey. Did you know you get a free tall hot coffee when you bring in the coffee bean bag?


I know it’s not much… but still. I paid $6.99 for this bag of ground coffee beans… might as well squeeze out another $1.65 out of it.

So I went to dinner at Sato Sushi with the sisters! Here is me and Chimi (or some girl who needs to scrub the dirt off her face sitting with Chimi).

And here is Tammy and (our newest Sisters’ group member) Evelyn!

I ordered the Sashimi salad:

^This is healthy… but I added a good amount of the mayo-based dressing that it became less and less healthy. Oh, well.

I’m glad I went with the salad because they also gave us green tea ice cream! My scoop was so big that halfway through, I thought I should stop because I was quite full. And then somehow, it was all gone.

After dinner, we went to the Pruneyard and walked around a bit. We were all too full for dessert, so we went to Barnes and Nobles instead to look at magazines and such.

Guess what Tammy went nuts for:

She is a lover of all things Scrabble. If you have 100 bucks and want to bring never-ending joy to this gal (who collects Scrabble stuff), buy that Giant Scrabble for her.

Or just buy it for me. It will be a fun game to have lying around.


Hey! I’m off to play tennis with some cool people this morning!

BTW, I was super sore in the back, shoulders, and core yesterday (the back and shoulders might be from yoga, and the core is probably from yesterday’s short core session).

Have a blessed Friday 😀

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