I Love the Weekend

My weekend started early with no work and no school on Friday (actually it’s my summer vacation. No school until the end of August, WOO HOO!).

I got together with some awesome people for a friendly game of tennis.

Well, it was supposed to be friendly…

But this mother-son team (with Kenny and Addie) decided to slaughter us (me and Skyler).

Or it was more like they used their Jedi-mind tricks to make us hit all our balls out or into the net.

The spectators were riveted by the spectacular display of athleticism and awesomeness:

I got to run around Milpitas High (haha, only like 1.5 mile) while trying to get some balls that rolled under the fence. I had to run around the whole darned school looking for a way to get into the track area and ended up sweating way more than I planned.

I got back and watched Addie and Jane play Kenny and Sebastian.

It was fun! I got to play about an hour and so far, I’ve been keeping up with my summer plan of playing tennis once a week. 

We went to King Eggroll for lunch after and I grabbed three different kinds of spring rolls (no, I didn’t eat them all. Just one shrimp and one pork).

We went to Addie’s after and had some coffee while I made friendship bracelets (<– anyone else make those as a kid?).

The kids were doing their summer reading (Beowulf, Malcolm X, and Garfield for Audrey, hehe):

Good times were had by all 🙂


For dinner, Joe and I used a Groupon to go to dinner at By-Th-Bucket. 

It’s an Italian seafood restaurant and WOW, it was so busy since it’s Friday night. I was famished and quite happy with their warm bread (they have some kind of spread on the left that is much tastier than plain butter).

I ordered the most authentic Italian seafood dish they have on the menu: Chinese Chicken Salad. 

Yeah. I know. You can punch me in the gut next time you see me. I just can’t help but get a yummy-sounding salad if it’s on the menu.

Joe got the mussels:

Phew! At least one of us got something authentic! And by the way, this thing looks gigantic, but the actual mussels were not as huge. Perhaps it’s not the season? Anyways, we both cleared out everything before leaving.

That’s how we do.


This morning, I did the upper body and the core workouts from Core Fusion.  So very very tough. I added in my own 10 minutes of core with with a stability ball and 2 x 1 minute of plank. Then I watched one episode of Mad Men while working up a crazy sweat on the elliptical. It was a good rest day. I’ll pound the pavement tomorrow morning.

I’m ready for the day!!

First will be Bible study, and then I’m off to a Pre-Retreat Rally with some of the youth. It’s going to be a full day of fellowship, games, and praise 😀


Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!

2 responses to “I Love the Weekend

  1. Anytime you want to play tennis, I’m here! If you want to get a good workout, I could make you run around the court 🙂

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