Pre-Retreat Recap

Hi! It’s Sunday, and I had a wonderful night’s sleep after a long day yesterday.

Before I get to the Pre-retreat, let me show you something crazy from yesterday’s Bible study:

Wham-O. That is a prime rib sandwich from Gene’s Fine Foods market in Saratoga. It was my turn to bring lunch so I bought a few of these (the Saturday special is $5.49 each) and also some other things for me:

Salad and my favorite side, quinoa mango salad.

We had a great little seminar on missions. There are so many avenues for missions work, and our speaker got to show us all those ways we can get involved in long-terms missions. It was really interesting and quite eye-opening to see how we can evangelize while meeting the physical and economical needs.


Right after Bible study, Juni and I took our campers over to Green UMC for the Pre-Retreat Rally.

It’s kind of funny that when we walked in, everyone was craning their necks to look up at us. We got some tall kiddos in our group.

NCUMC… the church of giant people. Ha, I joke. Our church just really likes to eat.

So while the campers (I believe there were 60+ students up in there) were doing some kind of orientation, 8 counselors headed across the street to a shopping plaza and went to our “stations”. The people search was on!

Basically, all the teams were given envelops with clues:

And then the groups had to figure out which shop we were in. Once they came in/found us, the group would be given a mission.

I made it easy and rather told them to go grab a shoe in their size or each member of the team must find a piece of equipment from a different sport. It’s funny because a lot of the other customers came up to me and were so very interested in what was going on and thought this people search thing was such a cool idea. Also, the Big 5 workers were so kind to let me be inside and do all that (I asked them ahead of time).

When all the teams found all the counselors, we went over to a field to play more games!

It was a free-for-all game with water guns where each team must protect their princess (who was dressed in toilet paper).

Here is what remained of their dresses (yes, that guy in the green was a princess… and got owned, hehe).

Know what’s cool? Our team came in second in both the people search game and the protect-the-princess game… and we ended up WINNING! Each of us got a Jamba Juice gift card, woo hoo!! Good job, team lime green! 🙂



A lot going on. The bottom layer is rice and potato salad. On top of all that is chow mein, bulgogi, dduck bokki (spicy rice cake), grapes, and watermelon.

Then we had an awesome night of praise, a message, and small group sharing.


Then our kids and their parents decided to get some Yogurtland! YES! It has been a long time since I had some.

And Skyler and Sebastian’s family decided to go for some late night pho. I was with Esther, and even though we were full, we decided to go and share something.


We were supposed to share but I ended up eating 75 % of it (or 85? I dunno. Who’s keeping track?). BTW, here is cute Esther and angry me:

^I got mad at James because I thought he ruined our picture with his hand. There you go, friends. If you see that look from me, it means your in BIG TROUBLE.


Yesterday was a wonderful and blessed day! I had so much fun meeting the campers from the other churches and the atmosphere was fun and inviting 😀


There will be a dinner with the high school graduates tonight. I was supposed to exercise this morning (haha, since I ate pho and yogurt at 10:00pm)… but I got lazy. Perhaps I’ll stop by the gym after church?


Hope you have a blessed Sunday!

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