How We Do

Hope everyone had a fantastic Sunday!

Let me tell you about how we (NCUMC) do Sundays. After lunch, we set up the volleyball net and got to playing. This is where I spectate or talk with those who aren’t playing. Ever since we moved to this church, everyone has gotten so good and I’m pretty sure I would ruin the game if I joined.

Plus, I’m scared of the ball when playing volleyball, so I’m sure I would reeeally ruin the game 😛

Then the boys continued into playing basketball while I chatted with some gals about random things. It was kind of amazing how HOURS went by while talking and it was already time for dinner!

Today was a hangout dinner for the high school graduates at Kunjip. I love all the spicy pickled vegetables that come out (cucumber, lettuce? and radish).

I ordered the spicy cold noodle dish (can get “refills”. They just keep bringing out more if you want).

Say “Whatup” to our graduates. Arthur on the right:

James on Joe’s left:

And Miss Evelyn on the right:

Now that they have moved up to the young adult group from the youth group, they’re going to be super busy. Why? We hang out like ALL THE TIME. Evelyn was saying she had to get a calendar to start keeping track of all our events and hangouts. Smart girl 😉

After dinner, we went to Lawrence Plaza for dessert. The boys were playing some game that looked fun, but too fast and confusing for me.

We got the Falling Fruit Bingsoo from SnowIce:

And look who we ran into! It’s Pastor Eric!!! Everyone was so surprised how fit he has gotten. I told them the tales of when he was in high school and just as ripped. They did not believe me. Still others were like, “Have I met that guy before???” And after much explanation, they were like o__O “Whoa. He’s mad fit, now!”

Good times were had by all 😀


Okay. I did not do any workout yesterday (REST DAY)… but whenever I take a rest day, I end up eating waaaaay more than when I actually do exercise. Weirds.

So this morning, I woke up bloated and well-rested. It’s really quite uncomfortable feeling like this for me, so I hope to get my eating back to normal and my workouts up and running.

Today’s workout:

I was going to do the Insanity Upper Body weights, but right after the warmup, my CD started skipping/stopping/being annoying. I had to switch it out to my Jillian Michaels’s one. It was the first time doing the Killer Buns and Thighs video and I decided to try the Level 2 workout.


For some reason, I decided to do this workout on an empty stomach (still full from the weekend?). I thought it was going to be 30 minutes, but it was 42 minutes. I WAS LIED TO. Haha, that’s okay.

Also, I got super sweaty, winded, light-headed… it was CRAZY! Ms. Michaels, level 2 was a great workout. I can’t even imagine what level 3 might be like!

Don’t know if I was so light-headed because I didn’t eat anything or if I really pushed myself with all the back-to-back-to-back moves. Anyways, my LEGS were dripping in sweat. It’s like I just walked out of the pool. Yeah, pretty gross.

To get even crazier, I watched an episode of Mad Men while getting busy on the elliptical. Even crazier sweat. I am still fluffy, but I’ll have to give it a few days to work off all the indulgence from the weekend.

This week is going to be good 🙂


I would like to say I’ll do a long run tomorrow… but who knows. We’ll see in the morning.

I have the family Bible study with Joe’s family tonight! If you guys want to do the same one as us (and our whole church), follow with this site: Living Life. 

Hope you enjoyed your weekend, and have a fantastic first week of July!

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