Here are some pictures to make you smile:


The simple joys in life… funny noises and colorful toys. Mommy’s voice and her warm embrace.

Makes me smile 🙂

I had such a great time hanging out with my friends and the little ones yesterday!

So after all the hiking and running yesterday, I went to Sisters’ Bible study/small group, and we had a great time discussing the Word and catching up. I feel really blessed to have this group of sisters [young and old(er)]. We also had so many different kind of snacks and desserts… it’s my kind of group 😀


This morning, I woke up early with big plans to go running or something… and then I changed my mind. This week will be a lower mileage week and I’ll get in some higher miles next week.

Our young adult group will be leaving for a camping trip today, and some of us are going in the afternoon to go to the Boardwalk (I’ve really really been wanting to go… even though everyone else thinks it’s lame. Hmph, they’re lame). 😛

Anyways, I believe we will be hiking tomorrow and MAYBE I’ll get in some miles on Sunday evening, so I decided to do a semi-rest day and do this low-impact (or non-impact) Core Fusion video:

Love it, love it, love it! My legs were only a little shaky on the glute portion, and everything else built up a slow burn. I enjoyed it so much and will hate having to return it to the library.

Before I get to packing, I’ll walk around my neighborhood with Vanna… probably around 2 miles.


I won’t be blogging until Sunday night, so I hope you all enjoy your weekend! Let me know if you race or do anything fun 😀

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