Camping Recap

Good to be back in my own bed. Yes, I am blogging from the comforts of my pillow and blankets.

Since I have to catch up about Friday and Saturday, this post will be heavy with pictures.

So Friday, we left for Woodstock Pizza in Santa Cruz (Downtown).

Joe and I split the manager’s choice slice (it was BBQ sauce, pineapples, bell peppers and onions on that day).

I ordered a salad on the side (YES, at a pizza place… leave me alone).

Then the 7 of us went to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (because I insisted like an annoying little girl). We all rode one ride.

Joe and I decided to go on the Giant Dipper!

It has apparently been a long time since I last rode a roller coaster because my hands and knees were shaking after and I got knocked around in that seat (we wanted to be at the very end where it’s a little faster). My hand was barely up… don’t worry. I’ll go again and make sure my hands are way in the air!

The rest of the guys went on the Fireball!

These five people must have iron stomachs. This ride sways side-to-side AND spins. It’s insane.

After walking the Boardwalk a bit, we went to the camp site. I love this camp site (third time here?) because of all the shade. The temperature stays quite lovely.

Let’s just say Friday night was full of LOTS of food and lots of s’mores.


Saturday, after a huge breakfast, we went out for a hike! (Check out my hulk BF on the right. He’s funny).

Did you know my Lord and Creator is amazingly talented? He made all this. Yeah. He’s super tall.

We climbed up and down many places while looking for the “Garden of Eden.” This place was cool:

We got to a place along the river and made up a Jenga-inspired game: you take turns placing rocks on top of the main bottom rock and the one who makes any of them topple is the loser. You can be nice by getting a flat rock or mean by getting a weird one.


Once we got to the Garden of Eden, everyone played in the water. I did not because I HATE wet shoes and wet clothes. Plus, I had a weird pain in my side, which felt like a strain. It’s all good. I sat on top of a rock in the shade and watched the others.

The devotions were done while sitting in the water. Pretty cool 🙂

And for the rest of the trip, we were seriously EATING the whole time. For only ten people, we were able to plow through an insane amount of food. Yeah… we were all rockin’ killer bloated bellies and limbs by the time Sunday rolled around.


Sunday after church, we got some ladies together to do some muscle sculpting! There were actually 6 people in my “class” today (Mrs. Sandy is not pictured):

I did Barre-inspired moves using very light weights/body weight. It ended up giving me a very good workout AND wobbly knees. The “class” lasted about 45 minutes, and it was plenty! I’m so glad they want to do it regularly 🙂

[Disclaimer: I am not a certified personal trainer or instructor. You should be medically cleared by your PCP before working out like a beast with me]


Okay. I don’t know why being out in the wild made me eat like a bear. I will get back to eating like a normalish-sized woman starting tomorrow. Then again, I am going to workout like a beast in the gym when I get a chance!

Also, I have a race next week! Think I can pull out another PR with my 10K? I certainly hope so.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

2 responses to “Camping Recap

  1. Where was this camping site? I’m looking for a great camping place for this summer too! 🙂

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