Smart Boyfriend


I worked on some paintings this morning while watching Mad Men. I didn’t get in a workout and then I went over to hang out with Mr. Joseph. 

Now if you remember, I ate like a BEAST this past weekend and it has left me feeling blobular and soft. Don’t like it. 

We were watching Running Man for the longest time and eating Honey Mustard Pretzel bites before he realized his girlfriend was spiraling into sadness. Instead of hitting the gym, he improvised and said we can work out in his room with the P90X Plyometrics video. Smart guy. I would have been one upset lady if I didn’t workout AND I was just laying around eating snacks and such. 

So we did the 58-minute video (actually, I ended up doing the warm-up twice with Joe and then he had to bail out in the middle when it got all crazy). He watched me do the whole thing and said I should be one of the people in the videos. I told him I wanted to make my own video one day and be on the cover. The title will have something with “Thunder thighs” in it… and hopefully by then, it will not have a negative connotation. 

Anyways, I decided to continue in my sweatfest by getting on his spin bike and biking for one hour while we watched some more Running Man and he did some shoulder workouts. 

We both need to get in shape before we go paddle surfing in two weeks. That means we also need to eat better 😛


Weird post… because I’m still watching Running Man while typing this up. Sorry if this no sense make. 

Hope you had a good Monday!

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