Put Some Color into Your Life!

Check out my lunch from yesterday:

^I got out my lavash and cucumber yogurt dip (bought it in Downtown Saratoga from Rose International Market). I added the yogurt dip, sesame leaves (because I love them, not really because it gels with the flavors), colorful bell peppers, and a boiled egg.

It was so simple to make and quick to eat! I just love having color in my everyday eats.

Speaking of color, here are two more paintings I have for work. The first one is finished and the other is still in progress.

Yeah. Guess who found her compass, huh? I’ve been drawing circles everywhere, hehe.


Another way for you to brighten up your day with some color- depending on whether you have a green thumb or not- is to have flowers! Here is a gift my mom got for her birthday:

And another gift she got for her birthday:

Can you spot Michael on a horse^ in this picture? He got to ride one in Mongolia. So cool (and random).

My mama’s other orchids:

Her flowers always brighten up my day! I just love COLORS, mang.


Gonna do the P90X Shoulders and Arms video with Michael… once he’s done playing his morning session of Diablo III.


Do you like lots of colors? If anything, you should at least have a colorful diet!

Hope your Wednesday is going wonderfully so far!

2 responses to “Put Some Color into Your Life!

  1. I LOVE color! Yellow and purple are my current two favorites :). I’ve been working on adding more color to my diet too… It’s going pretty well. Those orchids are gorgeous – I’ve always been a huge fan.

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