Today’s 14-mile Trail Run

Yesterday’s workout (P90X Shoulders and Arms) was so fun because Michael joined in and got a great workout, too! It was TOUGH, but also fantastic because I found that I have gotten stronger! Woo hoo!!!

For my biceps, I have DEFINITELY gotten stronger (meaning I can use my 12’s pretty much to the end of the video)! I was thrilled as heck when I found I can do 15 biceps curls with my 10’s because that meant I could bump up a weight and really get that awesome struggle on the last couple of reps.

Sometimes, I feel like this guy needs to calm down:


But then again, I wouldn’t be nearly as strong as I am now if it wasn’t for him (BTW, he’s just showing a chest-opening stretch).


I finished up some more paintings:

I know. Totally lazy on this last one, haha… look at all that white space!


I walked around the hilly neighborhood with my mama (she asked if I wanted to walk around 8:30pm, but we figured it wouldn’t get too dark to walk a quick loop). 1.5 mile done, and we got back before 9:00pm!


Okay. Let’s get to the fun stuff 😉

I ate a Luna Bar and a banana with some coffee first thing this morning. Then I packed some of these babies in a zip-top bag to take have every hour or so.

So my trail run was pretty stinkin’ tiring! The early morning air was crisp, but the hills just killed me. I chugga-chugga-chugga’d up the hills and enjoyed the nice little rollers once I got to the top.

Some places had shade:

Some places were mean and did NOT have shade:

At least when I got to the top, I got to enjoy the view:

^(Too bad the electrical lines cut through the pic).

So here is how the 14 miles went down:

That’s a 10:45 pace people! Considering that all the huge uphills after mile 10 had to be a power hike instead of a jog or run, this is a pretty good pace. Of course, what comes up must come down, so those downhills were pretty grand-spankin’ amazing.

BUT… this trail is definitely not as strenuous as the PG&E Trail, which I think has a much higher elevation gain.

I was originally planning on doing 16, but I knew that I was pretty much done when I almost tripped like 3 time in the span of 5 minutes. My legs were dead and wobbly, so I cut the run shorter at 14.

Nice awkward picture for you from the end of my run. I wore my visor and sunglasses during the run (because of the sun, and possible branches/bugs trying to hit my eyeballs).

I am not exactly looking forward to my 18-ish trail run. It’s going to be super duper killer, I know it!


I will be throwing down a few more miles today with Josh, so technically, I AM getting in at least 16 miles, yeah?


Hope your day started out well 🙂

Get out to a trail some time soon. If you’re in NorCal, you have NO EXCUSE not to (trail are everywhere)! And it’s so beautiful!

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