Good Eats and a Hike!

Recap of yesterday after my trail run:

Went to eat PHO! WOO HOO! I was ambitious and got a large chicken pho, adding lots of basil, sprouts, and jalapeno.

I am so embarrassed and ashamed to admit that I couldn’t finish it!!! What a waste… plus, I was forced to leave some chicken and goodies in there. Darnsit, my bad.

We went to Paris Baguette after and guess what… I couldn’t even take a sample of each bread (which I usually do). That’s how full I was.

This guy got some yummy breads to take home for his family:

And I actually DIDN’T eat any of it! Part of it is because I really don’t like all the weight I put on recently, and the other is that after dinner (made my Esther), I was too full once again!

^Esther made a baked pasta dish for dinner. Yummy!!

Oh yeah! Josh and I also went out for a quick 2.60 mile jog around their neighborhood before dinner. That guy’s gonna be a runner in no time!

I think that was a perfect shake-out run and made my legs feel a lot less sore than I was right after the trail run.


This morning, I did a quick workout while watching Friends. I did core work with a stability ball and some upper body work with my weights. The stability ball crap was tough, but the upper body stuff was whatevs.

After that, I went over to Jane’s house and we met up with Addie and the kids and all of us went to Huddart Park to go hiking! (It was nice to see where this park was because my August trail race… the dreaded 22-miler.. is going to be there).

So there were eight of us total (me, Jane, Audrey, Addie, Evelyn, Sebastian, Kenny, and Skyler):

We all had a good time hiking around and looking at the cool things in the wild (like a millipede or something).

This park has a lot of shade, so I really like that. I’m going to be coming back with Sebastian and Skyler some time to bust out a bunch of miles while we check out the trails I’ll be on for the race!


Right after, I came home so my family could head out to lunch. It was somebody’s birthday…


Okay, fine. He’s my younger brother, Michael. He’s 23 years young. 🙂 He’s such a good kid, hehe.

We went to Blue Line Pizza in Downtown Campbell. It was passed 1:30, so we were all starving.

I have to leave soon (for CAMPING again!) so let me just show you what we got:

Yeah. It was ALL DELICIOUS!!! We were so happy with it all 😀


Hope you have a wonderful weekend! (I’ll be camping tonight, and then there is a double-birthday dinner tomorrow with the church peeps).

I have my 10K on Sunday… wish me luck!

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