Best Food Ever OMG

Okay. Before I get to some of the best local (Berkeley) food ever, let me tell you about our Counselors’ Retreat!

So the KUMC joint Youth Retreat is in only two weeks and the many counselors have been meeting at least once a month since like… February or something to plan for this huge event. One of the last big events was a little camping trip just for the counselors.

We got to have a little bit more discussion about logistics, schedules, meeting-ish stuff; then a whole lot of time to hang out and have fellowship. I love all these peoples. They make me break into my shrill, piercing laugh and I’m always comfortable being myself around them. They just get me 😉


It was bitterly cold during the night. My bones were shivering. Good thing I had some peoples to cuddle next to, hehe.


In the morning, we headed out to a nearby lake to test-run our games. Here is the usual, free-for-all balloon game:

Here is a game where they must swing the ball around to knock down targets (BTW, click on the picture for a FULL-SIZE photo… but beware. It gets REAL SCARY, haha):


Okay. So after all the game-testing and video-recording were over, Michael, Juni, and I Yelped some places in the area to eat lunch. I was starving by this time, and pretty much down for anything. They came across some good reviews for an Indonesian restaurant called Jayakarta. None of us have had Indonesian cuisine, so we all decided to go for it!

We started out with this appetizer, roti prata. Nothing out-of-this-world. It was a great starter considering we were all famished!

Okay. This is where the magic happens… the MIE TEK TEK. You know it has to be good when they top it with a fried egg. Of all the dishes, this DEFINITELY was the winner. It was not too sweet and not too oily. Everything was so balanced. If you are in Downtown Berkeley, I say just go there.

Actually, lower your expectations first and then eat it. I really hate having to make you expect the world and then have it all come crashing down when it just seems like any ol’ noodle dish.

Anyways, I got a curry-soupish thing. It was yummy! I especially love that there was a boiled egg in there. These people must read my blog and know that I love eggs 😀

I forgot to take a picture of Juni’s dish, which was super good and had many sides. By the way, Juni was the one who was generous enough to buy this meal for us (well, it was more because it was Michael’s birthday yesterday). THANKS, JUNI!

Okay, peoples. I hope you’re sitting.

This is where the magic happened:

omg omg omg omg omg

The guy behind the counter was amazing and just starting handing over a BUNCH of samples. It’s kind of amazing but every single flavor he gave us was SO YUMMY! And I literally tasted 8 samples (I chose to taste about four of them, and the other ones were flavors that he just handed to us to try). Some of the flavors included: Thai Iced Tea, Earl Grey, Sweet Corn, Blue Bottle coffee, and Fig.

Yeah. We were blown away at the fact that all of them were perfect! It was so difficult to decided which ones to get!

I had to go with the Earl Grey and Rose (I asked him what would go with the Earl Grey and he promptly gave me a sample of the Rose, and I was hooked).

Michael went with a St. George Whiskey (we all had samples of this one and were riding a pretty nice buzz because it has real whiskey in it) and limone, and Juni got the Blue Bottle coffee and Pistacio. 

Let me just say one more time: omg omg omg omg.

We were all in a specatular funk… a wonderful stupor… and fantasmic bliss.

I’m not even joking when I say that for the following 30 minutes, we were just talking about how great this gelato place was and how everything was so delicious and balanced. We’re all making plans for the next time we’re coming up here!

Michael and I are going for a BIG HIKE with some CCUMC people next week, and since it’s up north, we’re DEFINITELY going to Gelateria Naia for some gelato (flavors change every Friday and they get all new ones!). That’s right. We’ll look for any reason to go up there for this stuff.

Garsh. I was hoping to keep your expectations at a medium level.



I was so tired that I was sure I would be able to get a solid nap in my own bed… but I could not. I’ll just have to have a good rest tonight before tomorrow’s race. I’m actually not all psyched about it… for some reason, I’m not in a racing mindset. It’s probably the fatigue.

Michael and I are also heading out for a birthday celebration dinner with the church young adults! That will be good, too 😀

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! I’ll give you a race recap some time tomorrow!

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