Monday Was Swit

Yesterday was pretty darned awesome and weird. Let’s first talk about the awesomeness.

Esther treated us out for lunch! I wanted to try this Agape Grill place that they went to (known for their big portions).

We were given pita bread and hummus in the beginning, which was good because I got to their home kind of late= we were all starving.

Calamari was the appetizer. The star of this dish for me was not the calamari itself but that purple-tinted dip. I dipped EVERYTHING in that stuff!

This is the chicken tenders entree (skewered chicken, salad, veggies, and rice). My kind of dish, for sure (especially with that purplish olive dip… which I think they call “Agape Sauce”).


A couple hours after, Esther asked me the most wonderful question: “Want to go running with us?”

“OKAY!” I tell her.

They live super close to Homestead High school, so we (me, Esther, Josh) were going to go to the track, but I asked them if they wanted to go on the highway overpass (which cost the city like $2 million or something). Off we went!

I’ve actually always wanted to run on this overpass because I drive under it all the time. I told them to run as fast as they could while on the bridge. I dunno why.


Here we are taking a walk break. Honestly, just 3/4 of my face is enough face for one person. Plus 25% of my face is just teeth and forehead.

As we continued along, we stopped by in Memorial Park and did some plyometrics. This park is quite nice in the summer, by the way.


3.5 miles covered 🙂


Okay, here is where it gets weird. Fast forward a few hours and I’m in bed, trying to go to sleep. I was tossing and turning, feeling wide awake… almost for a whole hours.

I finally decide to just go on the computer and I ended up finding some rooms/apartments near SFSU (where I’m going in the fall). Hope I get a place super close to campus so I can just walk there.

Also, I got one of my projects done!

Finally around 4:00 am, I felt a teeny tiny wave of sleepiness go over me and I went straight to bed and ended up falling asleep. THANK THE LORD.

Sometimes, I read the Bible in these situations. Why? Because it’s a win-win. If it makes me sleepy while reading, I get to get rest. If I can’t fall asleep, I read the Word. HEHE.


Hope you have a great Tuesday!

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