Preparing for Tomorrow’s Epic Hike


Alrighty. Before I get to talking about tomorrow’s all-day hike, let me tell you about today!

I played with this gal for a while:

Today’s Workout:

Elliptical: 60 minutes. OMG SUPER SWEATY. I love watching TV shows (Friends today) while working out.

Upper Body weights: Just did some more random moves on my own for 30 minutes.

Core: Used the stability ball and also some plank moves for 20 minutes.


I went to the mall to kill time between some appointments and used my GAP $50 gift card. Then I decided to try this cous cous thingy for lunch:


Wowz. It’s kind of weird that the dressing comes in it already (I guess that means it has to be made that day), and I could tell the citrus dressing had a lot of oil… but it was YUMMY. It also surprisingly had a lot of chicken in it! All I know is that it’s healthier than going to Great Khan’s Mongolian whatever whatever for lunch (even though once in a while, I like to go there with Joe and share one. He takes great pride in getting a mountain of food stacked up in his bowl). Whoa. What a tangent.


After work, I went home and walked the neighborhood with my mama and Miss Vanna. 1.5 mile while alternating walking, stopping, and running.


So I will be hiking the Mt. Diablo 5 Peaks.

It will probably look something like this:

5 Peaks Elevation Profile


Hah… that happens to be a picture of a different “5 Peaks). Anyways, the elevation gain is above 5,000 feet. We’ll see how far we get. If all the peaks are completed, it is supposed to be about 8 hours and 16 miles long. I’ve never even attempted an all-day hike before so… I’ll probably make a lot of rookie mistakes.

Am I excited??? HECK YEAH!

Am I nervous? Sure.

Am I prepared? Not yet. I’ll pack a bunch of snacks and stuff to drink, as well as extra socks, a tiny First Aid kit, and some wipes.

We’ll see how this goes. My wake up time will be around 5:30am tomorrow. o__O Yikes.


If you are a veteran hiker, do you have any tips for a noob hiker like myself?



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