Our Hike Up Mt. Diablo!





Andy, Andrew, and I met up early to go hiking! We stopped by at Safeway to pick up our lunch (sandwiches), water, and other snacks.

We started hiking around 8:00am and it started out somewhat flat and then suddenly darted upward. After a couple miles, we were way up in the mountain, going up Mt. Olympia.


We had some nice breaks along the way, stopping in places with a view… like right here:


Once we got to the top of the first peak, we hung out for a bit to check out the view (I was looking for our car… but it’s just sooooo far away that it was impossible to spot).


Here’s Andrew and Andy:



Look at the little spot on the top of this photo of me. I had to crop all the other ones because I have to clean my stupid camera lens.



We got to the top of North Peak as well (the second peak). That’s when we ate our sandwiches, which tasted super duper yummy for some reason. Food just tastes better at the top of a mountain, I guess.

The third peak is the Summit… but we all decided to conquer that one another time (since we had to be back at the car by a certain time).



We covered 10.60 miles! WOO HOO! Our reward? Smoothies/Freddo’s from Peet’s. I got a Matcha Green Tea Freddo, of course. SO YUMMY!


I was going to run a little more but I thought I got some gnarly blisters. Turns out I just had a couple sharp rocks that were poking me and I actually had no blisters! Yay!

Instead of more miles, I’ll let my feet rest and just do some yoga.

I’ll be off to have dinner with Michael at By-th-Bucket (my Groupons for it expire tomorrow), then to sisters’ small group in the evening.

Hope you had a wonderful Thursday!

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