Spontaneous Game Night




So there was a little change of plans last night. My younger brother (Michael) and I went to By-Th-Bucket to use a Groupon that expires today! I was supposed to have a quick meal and then bounce, but we had to wait a full 30 minutes before being seated, and of course, we had to wait a bit for someone to come around to take our order, etc. I think that place was especially busy because other people were getting in to use their Groupons (I saw a couple other tables pulling out their print outs. Haha, I saw Robin with his friend, too!).

Anywho, I got the Cajun Salmon Salad


And Michael got the Linguine Del la Rosa


They were both yummy and I ended up eating a quarter of his (to help him out) with a bunch of warm bread. So good!

I have one more Groupon for that place, so I’m sending my brothers there to use it tonight. You know you’ve been there too often when the workers start recognizing you.


Since I was so late for the Bible study, I decided to skip it and hang out with my brothers at home. Michael is going to Atlanta for law school in the fall and I got super sad in the car while thinking of having to say “Bye” at the airport and coming back home to an empty room.

Yeah… I’m probably going to cry when that day comes. Sadly, this is not a joke.

(Over that past year, we had so much fun hanging out! I love the fact that there is just a sliding door between our rooms and we can easily pop in to tell each other something. I’m going to miss saying “Good Night!” to him through the door, I’m going to miss asking if he wants to go to the gym in the morning, and it’s going to seem super duper lonely knowing that I can’t talk to him through the sliding door).

My gad… I’m already tearing up now. DANGIT, MICHAEL!


Alrighty. So after dinner last night, we came home and got to playing some Wario Land (I think that’s what it’s called… or it’s Wario Party or something). Anyways, the animation for this game is hilarious and super random:



I beat one of the levels! But then we all tried a few times on the last level, got owned every single time, and decided to switch up the games.

Mario Party 9, baby!!! Super cute, and super fun!


I like that it can also be kind of random and you never know who’s going to get extra stars here or get them taken away there. In the end, it came down to Michael (Wario) and me (Toad):





I’m so glad we had that time to eat, play games, and laugh. I’m going to miss being able to have these spontaneous game nights.

Holy crap, I’m going to tear up again so I’ll just stop talking about what I’m going to miss and just enjoy the last couple of weeks with him!

Hope you had a wonderful Thursday evening!

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