Today’s Leg Workout

Funny conversation from last night:

My mom was telling me how worried she was about renting out a room out of someone’s house in case the man was weird (irrational fear for my safety?). Then Michael said, “Well you can always check online to see if he is a registered sex offender.”

Mama bursts into laughter and says, “Haha, stop joking! That’s not funny!” (she thought he was messing with her).

Michael says, “No, really! You can really check it online. It’s a real thing!”

“Hahaha, no waaay. WHO WOULD REGISTER THEMSELVES for that??”

And then Michael and I crack up like crazy.

These days, my mom can never tell if we’re just messing with her or telling her the truth. 😛


So anyways, I had a crazy leg workout today. I wrote it all down:


I kept it rather simple today. As you can see, I was attempting some combination of a pyramid 5×5 workout. It kind of worked? And as you can also see… my penmanship suffered as the workout went along. My hands were so shaky every time after I put the heavy weights down or back on the rack.

Squats: 135#- 8 reps, 145#- 6 reps, 155#- 5 reps, 145#- 6 reps, 135#- 8 reps.

Deadlifts: 95#- 12 reps, 100#- 12 reps, 110#- 10 reps, 95#- 10 reps, 95#- 10 reps.

Lunge with rotation: 3 sets with 25# plate, 5 on each side lunging forward, then 5 on each side lunging back (for this one, you lunge right leg forward, hold and twist torso to right side, back, then come back to starting. Repeat on left side. Then do the same going backwards).

Side Lunges: 2 sets with 30# dumbbell, 10 on each side.

Stairclimber: 20 minutes.

OMG, the sweaty mess I was when I left… how drained and tired I was… I crave that feeling sometimes. I LOVE IT when I know I gave my workout everything I had instead of just going through the motions and not challenging myself.


It’s weird, but I never feel the soreness after these workouts until the following day. Waking up tomorrow is going to be fun. 

Oh, I probably won’t be blogging much this weekend because I am headed down with Joe’s family to SoCal. Please pray for God to comfort His family during this time of mourning.


Confession time: I’m behind in my Scripture-writing (GASP). I am still following the daily QT’s through Living Life, but I am around Luke Ch. 3 with the Bible-writing. I hope to be able to catch up one day. Oh, well. That’s why I gave myself my whole life to finish hand-writing the Bible.


Hope you have a great weekend!

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