Quick Word from SoCal


Random and happy thing… Yogurtland Sanrio cups are back!


Joseph slept on the upper bunk the first night with his Hello Kitty doll.



Okay, fine. I’m pretty sure that Hello Kitty belongs to his cute cousin, Hannah.


We always go to a Korean all-you-can-eat BBQ, so that’s where we were last night. Ate too much, as usuals.


Here’s Joe’s brother and sister, Josh and Esther!


And this is Joe’s cousin Sharon, along with Esther, Hannah, and a very broad-back Korean-American woman.


And a funny one:


I love these girls. They just get me when I ask for a silly one, hehe.

Last night was awesome. We went to Tebo Tea Lounge to get some dessert and Joe and I split the “OMG” drink thingy and we all had some “Da Bomb” shaved ice.



Jogged 6 miles this morning. Got sweaty but my feet hurt because I ran in my Keds. You did good shoes… you did good. I’m sorry I broke you.


We will all be headed back up to San Jose later today. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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