Stand Up Paddle Surfing!



Guess what. I’m blogging from RENO!


But first, I want to tell you about Sunday, when I was still with Joe’s family in SoCal.

Esther and I had a ball with Miss Hannah! We took so many photos together. Hannah (Joe’s littlest cousin) is so very entertaining and bright!


We went to get Joe Latti after lunch. I got the two sugar-free Italian ice flavors… but the delicious soft-serve is full-fat and full-on-yummy.


Then we all went to Dave & Busters at The Block! Joe and I went through a phase when we would go pretty regularly and play a certain game where we could hit the bonus like every other time. We now have more than 18,000 points/tickets on his D&B card.


Joe’s uncle Jay has the funniest dog. Say hello to LUCY! (I don’t understand how she just chills on her dainty wrists like that!)



For dinner, before we headed up for San Jose, we ate ISLAMIC CHINESE FOOD. Yeah. I was puzzled… until I saw this container of beauty:


^That, my friends, is red bean bread stuff. Okay, I don’t know if it has an actual name, but it’s pretty much this flatbread with red bean in it. The other Chinese food was normal. Just this bread (there was also a green onion one) made it so very awesomes.


Fast forward to Monday evening (BTW, I had my SFSU orientation and was pleasantly surprised by the lovely campus! I’m so excited to start in the fall :D).

Okay. We always eat at The Buffet in El Dorado. It’s cheap and has makes everything quite well. Plus, drinks (non-alcoholic) are included. Hooray!

For dessert, I got way too much bread pudding, some ambrosia salad, and a sponge cake. I think I ate too much before (two plate of food) because I sadly could not finish all of my dessert. My body has turned on me and caused me to waste food. Boo.


In the morning, we drove out to Lake Tahoe to use a TravelZoo deal for stand up paddle surfing. It was 35 bucks (compared to like $100 in most other places) and it was so easy to get the hang of it.


We ended up not really following the actual “tour” and just went by ourselves to explore North Lake Tahoe. It was around a certain turn-around point when the water turned cobalt blue and it was truly breath-taking (apparently, that’s where the lake goes from being 15 feet deep to 1,600 feet deep!)! Tahoe is SO wonderfully blue! Plus the temperature was so perfect for this kind of water activity.


This activity takes a good amount of balance and core strength. Since I’m pretty much super Thor’d up underneath, I didn’t fall even once… but I happen to know someone who fell twice…

… This guy:

Luckily, he said the water temperature was pretty nice. Hehe. We were in the water for 2 hours! Time definitely flew by because it was so fun and pretty out there. Anyways, the voucher we bought also came with $10 to spend at a nearby restaurant, so that’s where we headed for lunch. Joe got a guacamole burger (super juicy and amazingly crispy fries).

I went with the unlimited salad bar, which was actually stocked with more veggies and pasta salads that I anticipated. I was quite happy with my choice!


If you didn’t know, I love beets. I was kind of embarrassed when I got them at first because there was literally one cup of it on my place… so I quickly covered it up with the sprouts and corn, hehe. Also, this was my second plate:


If you love beautiful and fun things, go to Tahoe this summer. When you’re in the lake, you will be amazed at how BLUE and clean it is! Praise God for His wonderful creation!


After all the eating over the weekend and during this trip, I have gained a considerable amount of weight. Oh, well. I will get back to routine when I get back home. Then I’ll have to come back and be super ripped while I hang out in the lake. I have to settle for this crap for now…



Went to the gym and ran 5 miles on the treadmill, did 20 minutes on the elliptical (resistance at 11-12), and then walked up the stairs (20 stories). Pretty good sweat session. We’ll soon be off to do another all-you-can-eat meal. Wow. Three buffet meals over the course of 24 hours… that’s how we do vacations, I guess.

Hope your week is going well! I’ll update you when we get back tomorrow!


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