Whenever Joe and I go to Reno, there is one place we absolutely always go to…

It is a great all-you-can-eat sushi place and the service there is great! They are always coming around to see if you want to order more, they let you take your time, they always fill your drinks, the sushi is good, and they don’t make all the nigiri and rolls 75% rice (in fact, they make sure the rice is nice and small!).

Here is how we went overboard:




Yeah. That’s right friends. The mercury levels in our blood rose to dangerous levels while finishing EVERYTHING! And when I say “everything”, I’m saying I actually ate all the sushi rice (but they are awesome and will make it with brown rice… though some will say that’s not real sushi rice or something).

Good thing I had my Hulk boyfriend with me.


He claims that he ate 75% of those rolls… and I said he was trippin’. I ate at least 60% FOR SURE. Anyways, it was way too much. I definitely know now that when we make 5 orders of seared ahi tuna, there are going to be TEN PIECES. Goodness gracious. So much sushi!

Anyways, after dinner on Tuesday, we watched Dark Knight Rises. Hey. Is anyone else obsessed with Joseph Gordon Levitt these days?


If I ever see him on the street, he had better watch out because there will be a very loud, excited, glass-shattering Michelle attempting to snap 40 pictures of him while trying not to pass out.


What was I talking about before?

Ahh yes. Back to all the buffet stuff.

Wednesday morning (after I spent one hour on the elliptical at resistance 11/12 and walked up 20 stories of the stairs), Joe and I went to The Buffet again for brunch. We got in just in time to get breakfast as well as lunch (10:30am). We paid the breakfast price, and got one plate of it, then they switched over to all the lunch stuff at 11:00am and got a plate of lunch, too.



Then I got some dessert (but I packed up the cookies for later and only got to eat half the bread pudding).


On our way back to San Jose, we stopped by at Fentons Creamery. This was the first time we went!



We each got the “single” size… which is a lie because it was actually the DOUBLE size.


Okay. If you know how large my head is, then you will realize how GIGANTIC that ice cream is! She even packed in a different flavor into the cone before giving me that softball-sized scoop on top. It was seriously like having a pint of ice cream.

Sadly, we both could not finish our ice cream. We at least ate all the good stuff (Oreo cookies and nuts for me, pistatios and cherries for Joe). TOO MUCH GOOD STUFF.

To be honest, I think Marianne’s is better. Uh oh, please don’t be mad.

Anyways, what do you eat when you get home from eating way too much over five days?

Some salad with salmon patties, that’s what.

Joe cooked up those salmon patties and we each ate 1.5, along with LOTS of spinach, cherry tomatoes, and orange bell peppers. Such a good meal!


I am trying to get back to eating in a boring way. I think boring and routine keeps me healthier than when I have no plan and end up eating a bunch of random stuff.

Also, there will be a workout after work.

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