First Part of Long Run

Last night, the NCUMC sisters had a birthday celebration for our sweet sister, Gina!!!

We had the birthday at Chevy’s and had a great time talking and sharing.


Speaking of “sharing”, Tammy and I split the Plato Grande (which comes with chicken, shrimp, carnitas, and steak, as well as all the sides):


I told her to have all the carnitas, so she said I could have all the shrimp. I think I win in this exchange, hehe. Hey. That corn tomalito stuff is the BEST thing ever! I would love to get a giant bucket of it to eat with every meal. So delicious.

After dinner, our choir director, Joy, treated us all out to Yogurtland. I wanted to pay for my own because I felt bad about how heavy it was:


Yeah. It was the heaviest one for sure. I don’t understand how these ladies can go and fill up just a quarter of it!

Ahh, well. I considered it my “carboloading” for the run this morning.

GINA! I hope you enjoyed your 23rd Birthday Party!


Today’s workout Part 1: 


Okay. So today was actually supposed to be my super long trail run but a few things went wrong:

1. I brought my regular paved-path running shoes instead of my trail-running shoes.

2. I forgot to bring GU or some kind of other chews.

3. I decided to dillydally this morning and waste time, which ate up the time I could spend on the trails (since it takes much longer than running flat/rollers).

So I improvised-ish and just went for a shorter run with plenty of rollers and took it slowly. I will get in the second part of my workout later today.

Oh, yeah. I wore some clothes that I considered using for the race, and found that the shorts chafe the back of my right thigh. HOW CROOKED AM I RUNNING? So I’ll try out some other shorts or capris this evening.

[Also, I’ve been running without music these days. It’s really nice to let my thoughts wander, to pray, and also to get used to hearing the sound of my own heavy breathing. With my heart pumping, sweat dripping, and breathing hard, it reminds me that I AM ALIVE because the Good Lord has given us life! Don’t sit around and turn into mush, people. Go out and start challenging your body, making it healthier and stronger!]<– Whoa, major tangent.

I hope to be around 18-20 for miles today. We’ll see how it goes. I want to practice running on the trails when my legs are tired (so I could get over that looming fear when I race the 22-mile Crystal Springs Trail Run).

Have a wonderful Friday!

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