Second Part of Long Run

The second part of my long run was amazing! What was also amazing? Getting to hang out with friends and babies right before it!

We went to Pluto’s (as per usuals) and got to chat and catch up. Here is Joy and Susan:


Here is Noel (with her extremely cute haircut), some girl with an oily face, and Julie!


I ordered the Beets Jupiter salad, which comes with beets, cranberries, strawberries, herb mix, goat cheese, tomatoes (?), and candied walnuts.


Santana Row is such a lovely place to hang out. The weather was so perfect!


It was time for a little something sweet, so we went to Pink Berry and Susan treated us all out. Thank you, Susan!


Yikes, I got to grubbing on mine too quickly that I didn’t snap a photo. It was the original tart and PEANUT BUTTER flavors in a waffle cone. SO GOOD, I TELL YA.

And look who stopped by! Miss SUSAN YOON (she’s the one I ran my first marathon with):

After a bit more of hanging out, some of the girls left and Noel and I went to the mall. Wow! So many things have changed (this store moved over there, that store is replaced by store xyz, yada yada). Didn’t find anything worth buying. So afterwards, I had to leave to get in part 2 of the long run.

The first part was in the morning, and I just knew that the second part was going to be on the trails AND at least 10 miles. I wanted to go to Rancho San Antonio for this part and make it a really challenging run (lots of uphill). PG&E TRAIL!!!

I first started off from the parking lot going toward the farm, then I tried this new little trail that’s only a half mile all uphill and back down. Good warm up.

Then I went over to the Wildcat Loop (is that what it’s called? I may have mixed up the names) and switch-backed my way to happiness. It was incredible to be able to run 80% of it (I bet last year, I would be able to run less than half of it). From there, I ran the Upper High Meadow trail, which is actually perfect for gentle uphill training.

By the end of that one, the hill gets to be crazy steep. I finally got to see what it might be like on race day. My butt and hamstrings were shot and ready to cramp, so I quickly started walking backwards to give my backside a break. Once I was close to the top, I just power-hiked the crap out of that steep hill and BOOM. I was at the top!! WOO HOO! Actually, going up this side was a lot easier than the way I usually go.

Anyways, I ran back down (this is the fun part. I totally earned it!), added in a few more random segments of other trails, and I was back at the parking lot in less than 2 hours, which is the time that I anticipated.

Boom, son:


10:20 pace. I like it. Training on tired legs, going up a crazy mountain, and getting through it? Awesome. Haha, actually, I was going to do a little more to get to 11 miles, but as I was going, there was a pack (a herd? a clan? a BRIGADE?) of WILD TURKIES crossing, and I didn’t want them to feel like they were being attacked. Plus, I took it as a sign from God to just stop and rest now.

Total mileage for yesterday: 21 miles. 

Pretty darned phenomenal in my books (even though it was broken into two).

What to do after a long run? SUSHIIIIIII.

Haha, actually, after all the all-you-can-eat stuff in Reno, I could have waited to eat it… but Mr. Joseph wanted to get some because he was looking at the pictures from the blog and it looked so good. Funny guy 🙂

So we met up with Robin at Kenzo, which is a new sushi restaurant in town, offering all-you-can-eat option.



There were a few more, but you get the idea. It was all pretty good (except for the Maguro. That one was definitely not fresh and it was totally nasty). They do their rice a little bigger than Sushi Pier, BUT they give big ol’ pieces of fish on there.

BTW, I get the tamago because I love eggs. I don’t care if it’s cheap… it’s delicious. Leave me alone.

Oh! Thank you, Robin, for dinner! And thanks for letting us hang out at your place (we stayed and just talked and talked for several hours! So much fun!!!).


Yesterday was such a wonderful day. Today is going to be nice, too. I will be heading out to Young Adult Bible study and then I might go to San Francisco with some of the young adult. We’ll see.

Plus, it’s going to be a nice rest day (unless I get antsy and decide to do an upper body workout).

Hope you enjoy this gorgeous weekend!

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