My Brothers and Sisters

Hello! Great to be back home! Sorry for being gone without letting you know that I would be gone for four days at a youth retreat… sorry to my 15 phantom readers out there…

Anywho… I’ve been experiencing the love of God with my brothers and sisters! Yeah. We had about 75 campers out there, and like 30 counselors/volunteers. It was amazing!

We had great entertainment with our DICE OF DOOM (or DIE of doom? there was only one).

I manned a station where the campers had to dance off about 15 Post-Its from their bodies. It was crazy good exercise, I tell ya. Some of the Post-Its are super sticky and it’s actually a challenging but insanely hilarious game.

I’m so glad to have had my NCUMC brothers there (well, Michael on my left is my actual brother… but I think Juni on my right can pass as my brother, too). God blessed us with this experience and I’m so thankful for the safe journey there and back (especially coming back).

Here is my family group. GO TEAM YELLOW!! These kids are so fun and adorable. I can’t wait to see them again so I can listen to how richly God has blessed them!

Here are some beautiful daughters of God. I’m so lucky to have met these 6 sisters and to share our faith journeys with each other.

And our NCUMC youth group (well most of them, anyways). I love these guys and this experience has made us grow closer to one another!

Praise the Lord!


Sorry for the blurry pictures. We had some legit camera peoples going around the whole time, so I’ll put up better pictures when I can.  I will also talk about some of the things I learned through the amazing sermons and what God spoke to me during the prayer times.

Alls I can say for now is that God has blessed these students, God has blessed our youth group, and God has blessed the counselors. He delights in seeing His sons and daughters come together in His name. Hopefully we can continue to make His family grow 🙂

I will be resting up for today. Hope you have been enjoying your week!

2 responses to “My Brothers and Sisters

  1. great job, our counselors and campers. I cannot wait to hear more about camping, but for now, have a good sleep and rest!

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