How to Love

Yo. Before I talk about love, I want to show you all the good food I ate yesterday!

[In the morning, I did Insanity Upper Body weight training and DARNS MANG, it was tough. Guess what… I moved up all my weights and I can use 15’s for my biceps curls now!!! WOO HOO!!! Sad thing? Robin would later point out my humongous traps and call me Tom Hardy. I’m so sad, Robin 😦 😦 :(]


[And in reality, I don’t think he actually called me Tom Hardy… but that’s just how I’ll choose to remember it until he makes up for it somehow.]


Yesterday, we had a Red Egg and Ginger party for Russell and Susan’s beautiful daughter, Eliyah!

We ate at Moonstar Buffet in Daly City. This place was big and had lots of seating! I sat with some NCUMCers, and we got our grub on:

I’m not sure about having too much sushi there, but all the Chinese food I tried was pretty good. The best part? DESSERT:

^This is my second plate of coconut jelly. That green tea cheesecake was pretty awesome, too.

Say “what up” to these lovely girls (me, Tammy, and Chimi):

Say “what up” to these not-so-lovely girls:

[Random question for ya: What does it mean when a girl has absolutely no shame?]

Anyways, I’m just so excited to see this little baby grow up to be a strong woman of God (like her mommy!). Thanks for having us, Ja family!


We also had a farewell party for some people who are going far away for grad school! It was hosted by John at his new place. I’m a bad blogger and didn’t take pictures of the people who are going away, nor the host. Instead, I just have this random picture for ya:

There were at least 15 of us there. We talked and ate a butt-load of food:

There was everything from Eastlake Chinese seafood to Boiling Crab. OMG so much food and SO GOOD… although my stomach didn’t seem to think so about an hour after I finished eating.

Thanks for hosting, John! And to Michael, Jenn, and Evelyn, we’re going to miss you all so much!


Okay. Let me tell you about how to love. (BTW, this is from Pastor Daniel’s sermon from the KUMC Joint Youth retreat).

Imagine it was Valentine’s Day and a husband buys roses for his wife. He gets home and gives it to her and she is so happy for the beautiful bouquet of flowers. Yes, yes, that’s sweet, but what if he was just doing it out of obligation? What if when she thanked him for the flowers, he said, “Well, yeah. It’s my duty to give you something on Valentine’s day.”? What if he was just making sure to get her something so she won’t be mad?

Is that love?

Now let’s look at our faith. When you serve in church, when you welcome newcomers, when you do ministry, are you doing all these things because of the fear of punishment? Is your reason to give to the church motivated by the fear of going to hell? Honestly, I can say there were many times when I did “things” out of duty and because of my fear of punishment.

When we are following Jesus, it shouldn’t mean, “How much can I get away with? What are all the worldly things I can do and still be considered a Christian?” but we should be thinking, “How much more can I give to Him who loves me infinitely?”

How does that happen? Well we have to be able to trust Him… and we can’t trust Him unless we love Him (knowing that He truly loves us unconditionally)… and we can’t love him unless we know Him.

Seek Him out. Search for Him. Find out who your Savior is, and you will fall in love with Him. Then all of your actions and sacrifices will not be out of fear, but out of love. That is how to love Our Lord Jesus.

(Again, Pastor Daniel Park really blessed us with the messages. He served as God’s mouthpiece for  us during the whole retreat!).

The reason I wanted to share this with you guys is because it really challenges me in my faith journey and my relationship with Jesus. Hope you can grow with me 🙂


Super duper sore this morning. I’m thinking of resting up for ULTIMATE FRISBEE (we’re playing after church)!

Hope you have a glorious Sunday!

3 responses to “How to Love

  1. Aw, Michelle. It was a compliment. I wish I had traps like yours! It’s not like you look weird or anything!

    I like what you wrote about how to love the Lord. I think at the very least, He deserves a relationship that’s as strong and active as the ones you have with your friends (but really, it should be a lot more than that). And yeah, trust and faith are two big factors in determining how strong that relationship becomes. Good stuff, Michelle!

  2. Wow girl do you have any idea what a blessing your blog is? It’s amazing…I just recently started reading running/healthy living blogs and so many of them are open about their relationship with Jesus Christ. As a Christian, it makes me sooooooo happy that many people aren’t afraid to share that…way to go girl and keep it up! Jesus love you!!!! 😀 😀

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