Spontaneous Pizza Night

Hi all. It’s Monday!

Good things are starting to happen. Everything is falling into place (such as getting a place to live right across the street from SFSU! WOO HOO! and I’m now registered for 4 classes).

Anyways, yesterday was a bittersweet day. It was the last Sunday for our vocalists in our praise team:


We got to pray for Michael (going to Emory in Atlanta) and Jenn (going to UCLA), and it was a really beautiful service. We’re going to miss you guys!

After having rice and curry for lunch, Tammy, Chimi, and I went to Campbell park and tossed the frisbee around. It ended up being a pretty good workout because somebody (coughmecoughcough) couldn’t throw it correctly for the first thirty minutes or so, meaning we were running around. I was also able to slowly get them to do other workouts (bits of plyo, ab work, and walking around the track). Hehe, they were totally tricked into a workout 😛

We got a whole-body workout and covered 2.5 miles (walking/ running to catch the frisbee).

After our workout, we needed to get something to cool us off. WOW COW FRO-YO, anyone? Yes. I got the chocolate and vanilla wow cow (9 calories per ounce). I actually got the smallest size and it was more than enough!


I watched the boys play basketball and then Joe and I were “good” by going to his home and eating the salad and salmon patties that were already purchased. It was in an attempt to eat healthy AND save monies.


This salad had mixed greens, 1.5 salmon patties, apples, feta cheese, dried cranberries, and almonds. drizzled on top was this delicious dressing:


^Joe spotted this one and he knew I would totally like it. I LOVE the rosemary in the vinaigrette. It was really so delicious!

Although dinner was awesome, something happened. While watching Friends, Joe turns to me and asks if I want to get pizza.

I say, “Yes, sir.” And off we go to Round Table. We called in for a Maui Zaui, which I’ve never eaten before, but I was getting super excited about while he talked about it.


I don’t have a good picture, but here it is (it has a “Polynesian sauce” instead of red sauce, cheese, tomatoes, pineapples, onions, ham, bacon, and green onion):


I had 2 slices, and then ate some Korean pastry bread. Yikes! This was all around 10:30pm!

It’s definitely not good for me, but it was also super fun to do something like this with Mr. Joe :). Also, I almost never say I’m down for pizza so late at night, but I think because they’re always eating some pizza on Friends, it made me crave it.


Now, I’ll be getting back to routine (daily devotions, working out, eating right).

Praise God for letting all the school stuff get taken care of! And for this Saturday, please pray for me. It is 22-miles on the trails (with almost 3,000 feet elevation gain). I decided that I am not going for a certain time, but I just want to finish it and stay strong the whole time.

But if I do it next year, I’m doing it for time… so ya’lls better watch out… next year.

Have a blessed Monday!

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