Play Time

So Monday= rest day. It also ended up being “lay-around-and-eat-whatever-I-want” day. Good times, good times.

I watched so many episodes of Friends and got to do nothing until Joe came over. We watched the USA v. Argentina game (and may I just say… KEVIN DURANT IS A BEAST, MANG. 8 out of 10 3-pointers??? That’s just insane).

Then Mister Joseph played with Vanna girl:

You can imagine how tired little Vanna was after jumping around and chasing the ball for like 20 minutes. She was super pooped and took a fat nap after.

I’m starting to see that when you have fun, you can exercise forever. The guys played basketball on Sunday for like 4 hours. Sure they were tired, but they just kept playing one more game… then one more game… and just one last game. So if you’re lucky enough to have found an activity or sport you enjoy or used to enjoy (tennis? swimming? ultimate frisbee?), go out and do it! It makes exercise so much easier!!

Yeah.. I’ll be back at the running thing tomorrow, I promise. I’m going to take this week rather easy, especially because I’ve got that darned race on Saturday.


For dinner, I went out with the boys to Rock Bottom Brewery for dinner. Michael has a coupon book and we were able to get one of the meals for free.

I ordered the roasted vegetable pizza:

It was huge! And everyone ended up sharing a bunch of their own stuff. I got to have a lot a bit of everything and it was super yums.

Afterwards, we headed over to Coldstone Creamery and got our dessert on! (BTW, it was the first time in a looooong time we went there). I ordered the “Sinless” something something with pecans in a waffle cup thingy (wow. I should really try to remember the names next time):

It was pretty good, but the texture was definitely not creamy (it was nonfat and sugar free… so that is totally expected). Good enough… that’s what I’ll call it.


Today’s workout: running and yoga!

Have a blessed Tuesday!

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