Rainy Day Fund and Abundance

What up?

$32.05 is what’s up:

Yup. I got one of those coin-counting jars for a white elephant gift exchange.

I’m planning on sending those badboys through the CoinStar machine and getting a gift card (that way, they don’t charge a certain percentage for your coins).

It took me like 1.5 years to save up this much. Took a long time… and only a little bit of stealing (such as taking any extra change laying around on Joe’s desk, hehe), but it was well worth it.


Went out for a last family dinner before Michael goes off to Atlanta! We decided to go to Cafe Artemis in Campbell! This was a sampler platter with a bunch of different dips and such. It was demolished with warm pita bread and we like all of them except for the dolmas (wild rice-wrapped grape leaves):


This is some kind of combination meat platter for two. We ate it family style (everyone getting some of each meat, some rice, and veggies. I only ate the chicken and it was so perfectly cooked!



This was a pizza that almost made me cry. I ate two bites of it before asking what kind of meat was on it… LAMB. My eyes welled up but I just had to try to get over it (crying because I ate lamb would probably ruin the whole dinner and make it super awkward. Plus, they’ll probably make fun of me tomorrow):



Besides that, we all had a wonderful dinner!



For dessert (because now we all must have something for dessert), we headed over to Pinkberry!

I ordered the original and peanut butter flavors, topped it with dark chocolate crisps, blueberries, toasted almonds, waffle crisp, and strawberries:



After coming home, I decided to let a relatively clean animal in my room (gave her a shower yesterday):


What was that?


Seriously, what the heck was that sound?


What a freak.


^(She felt ignored while I was on the computer so she decided to play with her ball against my thigh. So gross, and yet I can’t help but think she’s adorable…).


Okay. Let’s talk about abundance, guys (this is still little tidbits from Pastor Daniel Park’s sermons from the youth retreat).

One of the greatest lies that some Christians unknowingly accept is that we just need a little tiny “bit” of Jesus in our lives and we’ll be okay. We think that we just need that one moment in our lives to establish eternity in heaven, and then we can go on with Jesus being our little hobby instead of having Jesus as Our Lord. 

It’s like if we decide to eat whatever crap and junk food we want and think it’s okay as long as we eat our vitamins.

It’s like Jesus is the sprinkles on top of the cake instead of the cake itself. 

That’s when we start saying, “How can I avoid the wrath of God?” instead of “How can I live in the abundance of God?”

Why might this happen? Well one possibility: we don’t believe that the life Jesus offers is better than the life the world offers (from Francis Chan’s book Crazy Love <—by the way, if you have not read this book yet, DO IT NOOWWW. It will challenge the way you see yourself as a Christian on so many levels).

Yes, being a Christian is supposed to be full of hardships (though we kind of stay in a nice, safe church bubble… so we basically don’t ever feel persecuted)… but God offers us His abundant grace as well. He didn’t just put us here on earth to suffer until the day we taste sweet death and go to heaven. He wants us to have a little piece of heaven here on earth as well.

Think about Jesus when he was doing His ministry. When he saw the hungry, did he walk passed them and say, “You will feast in heaven,” and not feed them? Nope. He decided to multiply the bread and fish to feed thousands.

When he walked by and saw the lame, did He say, “Don’t worry. You’ll get new legs in heaven”? Nope. He healed them so they could walk here on earth.

When Jesus saw those who were suffering and broken, He brought them healing.

So what does that mean for us? It means that when you are suffering, you can have hope. It means that when your friends are struggling or your family members are sick, you have been given the authority of Jesus Christ to heal them (HOLY SPIRIT, YO).

Pray for one another. Pray for your family. Pray for yourself.

(And as always, I write this because I need to work on all of the above!).


I hope you had a blessed Tuesday!

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