All the Hubbub

I wanted to see what was all the hubbub over Mission Peak (the trail in Fremont, CA). I saw all the peeps from church go there, so I had to check it out.

It was around 10:30am when I started, and already in the 70’s (and 80 degrees when I finished). Also, there was not a cloud in the sky!


‘Sup, turkeys?


If you look in the center of this picture, you can see Mount Diablo. Pretty cool, yeah?



There were times when I was able to kind of jog up, but the majority of the ascent was a power hike. Once I got to the top, I realized that most people do this hike WITH someone or in groups. Oops. Oh, well. Hiking by my lonesome was okay.

Har har. Anyways, Here’s how it went (btw, I started from the residential area off of Stanford):


Overall, this was a good hike! There is zero shade, so be ready to sweat like crazy and get sunblock in your eyeballs (my poor left eye got owned).

I brought a water bottle with half the water being frozen, so I had nice cold water the whole time. Since the incline is rather steep (2100 ft elevation gain!), it doesn’t allow for much running uphill, so this hike seemed easier than the PG&E trail (since I can run a good amount of that one).

Running downhill is the fun part, but my quads feel totally trashed now. The only thing I felt like having was fruit and yogurt!


If you must know one thing about me, I LOVE LOVE LOVE apricots and figs. I’m so serious. You get me some of those and I will kiss you in the mouth… or squeal with excitement. Lose-lose for you.

For my yogurt, I added half a scoop of chocolate protein powder so I could have awesome recovery.

Feelin’ good now. Glad to have done this trail! I’d love to continue hiking all the trails in the Bay Area. How awesome would that be, yeah?


Plans for today: go to work in the afternoon and then go to Joe’s for family Bible study.

I hope you have a blessed Wednesday!

2 responses to “All the Hubbub

  1. What a beautiful view! And omgness, I almost flipped because I thought Joe was my old small group leader! haha 😛 You see, joseph was the name of a dear brother in Christ, and he was a leader. And apricots and figs~that seems really Mediterranean–I bet you’d love it there just for the fruit 😀

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