New Class

Good Morningish!

This morning was kind of sad for me… my brother left for Atlanta (he is going to Emory Law). I’M SO SAD MY ROOMMATE IS GONE!


I was sure that my mom and I would cry, but we didn’t. It’s just not the same as in the old days when you can actually go in to the terminal and say goodbye at the gate before they board the plane. Now, we have to say “bye” before they line up to get their luggage scanned…

But that’s okay. I did plenty of crying at the youth retreat on the last night… so many tears and so much snot on poor Michael’s shoulder.

I’ll see you in December, Michael! I’m gonna miss you!!!


Once we came back from the airport, I headed straight to the gym to try out a new workout class called “willPower and grace“.

It sounds kind of corny… and the class is a little corny, but it was still a pretty good workout! It is just using your bodyweight and it’s done barefoot. 

Here is the class description from the 24 Hour Fitness site:

“willPower & grace® is the unique, full-body, cardio-sculpting workout that you’ve been searching for. Experience barefoot-fitness through the intensity of boot-camp, the self-awareness of yoga, and the discipline of Pilates. willPower instructors guide you through formatted movement sequences with positive, uplifting philosophy to increase your self-confidence and show you results.”

I don’t know about the boot-camp intensity stuff, but it does have high repetition, work on balance, and stretching (yoga). It’s pretty low impact, so if you’re into a full-body workout that is easy on the joints (no jumping or anything), then you should try it!

Right after that class was a Cycle class, and the instructor was running late so we didn’t actually start until 12 minutes after. 12 MINUTES?? Yeesh. Oh, well. We just ended up having a super long warm up by ourselves and since there was a class afterwards, we were only on the bike for 53 minutes. 

I considered hoping on the treadmill, but I’m supposed to take it easy today. Tomorrow is my complete rest day and saturday is the BIG RACE.

I’m not going to pressure myself with it, so I’m not getting that antsy, nervous feeling. I’m just going to finish it (while trying my best, of course) and hope to do better next year!


It’s time for me to look into Michael’s empty room and cry.

Haha I joke (only a little).

Have a blessed Thursday!

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