Woo hoo! It’s Friday!

For me, it’s a rest day and carbo-loading day (<–I totally forgot about that! Whoops).

Yesterday, I had lunch with some people from the youth retreat: Andy, Mike Kim, and Cherri. I apparently ate a big pot of lava:


Haha, just kidding. It was seafood soft tofu stew. It was super hot but not that spicy. Going out to have Korean food was nice. I love all the little side dishes (ban chan)! If you live in San Jose, check out So Gong Dong Tofu House! 

Once lunch was done, we came out into the blazing heat, and all I could think about was fro-yo (or a Freddo or Frappuccino.. something cold).

Well I got to hang out with Joe while watching Friends (if you haven’t noticed, watching TV shows is pretty much my best way to waste time. I feel like God has given me this summer to be a BLOG, to hang out with friends, and be somewhat unproductive so that I can go into the school year fully charged! It’s kind of like the rest days and carbo-loading before a race. All your energy stores are stocked and your body is rested. I could possibly be making up this crap to justify my time-wasting. Possibly).


Since they’re always eating pizza on the show, we decided to go to one of our favorite pizza spots and then get fro-yo after. Enter: J. T. McHarts!


That is half BBQ chicken and half J.T. Supreme (with pineapples, of course; and extra sauce on both). I had a huge debate in my mind as to what is yummier. Joe like the supreme one better.

Oh, MAN. I love this place because the people there are SO unbelievably kind and awesome! Joe got hooked up with a free soda (I could have, too… but I don’t drink soda) and the manager came by to make sure we were enjoying everything. Before eating, Joe was like, “Man. The people who work here are SO NICE.”

It’s true. I love that place!

What’s another place I love?


I am LOVIN’ these Sanrio cups (I think that’s the only thing that makes me girly. Otherwise, I’m a basketball-shorts-wearing tomboy)!

In today’s I got the plain tart yogurt, strawberries, kiwi, almonds, and Cap’n Crunch. Wow. I kept it pretty simple today, huh?



After dinner, I went to the Sisters’ accountability and prayer group meeting. I love meeting up with my sisters because they are so funny, encouraging, and we all get to dive into the Word together.

Funny thing. I got a text from Joe in the middle of the meeting (which usually doesn’t happen)… “Sources say dhoward trade complete and lakers keep gasol! Yowza at least one more title for kobe”

I smiled hecka big. My boyfriend is so flippin’ cute (WHY ARE YOU CRINGING, ESTHER AND JOSH???)!

So I actually went over to celebrate. We bought some snacks and drinks from Safeway and he talked about how stacked the team is and how very exciting the Lakers are going to be!

It reminds me of when we first started dating and he used to talk about basketball for a couple hours and I just thought it was so great how much love and passion he had for the game. Sure, after a while, my eyes would glaze over and I wouldn’t hear words so much as weird sounds… but dang. Can’t wait until November for the season to start! 😀 (<– does that officially make me a bandwagon fan?… kinda sorta :P).


(Hey. How many parentheses did I use in this blog post? That just means I had a lot of side-notes to add, har har).

I woke up after 11:00am today. Kind of unheard of in this household (I’m usually up and about at 8:00am). What happened? Well I had no workout planned so I got to sleep in 🙂

I love me my rest days.

Plans for today? Getting lunch with Mister Joseph to watch USA v. Argentina, and then having dinner with my friend Tati in San Mateo!

Plan for tomorrow? Get up early and run in the mountains for like 5 hours. It’s going to be… cool.

PRAY FOR ME TOMORROW. If you are awake anytime before noon, chances are that I’m hating myself for registering for the race. Pray that God will give me a second wind (and third wind and fourth wind) to carry me through the whole race and to finish strong.

May God bless you on this wonderful day! And have a blessed weekend!

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