Crystal Springs Trail Run Recap


I survive the 22-miler. Let me tell you… this was the most difficult race that I have ever run in my life. EVERRR…


That crap was straight up MEAN. Funny thing? I really truly enjoyed the first half of it. I was so happy and thankful for God, my Creator. He made those towering redwood trees, the sun and the sky, and he created ME with even more care and more love.

Second half? I was beating myself up for being so stupid by registering for such a long trail run. “22 miles? ARE YOU SERIOUS???”

Also for the second half, I was running by myself for most of it. The crowd really thins out and you’re basically on a single track with switchbacks in places or trails that wrap around a mountainside and never end. Mentally? It can be tough (“Hey. Didn’t I just run by those trees?” “Hey. Didn’t I just run up this big hill?”). So at mile 14, I HAD TO break out my mp3 player to get my mind thinking about something else.

I was praying for much of the first half and so thankful to God for the shade provided by the trees. It started out pretty warm and about 90% of the race is in the shade but WOW. Those little tiny segments that are in the sun are mad crazy hot. It was almost 90 degrees by the time I finished.

The aid stations were awesome! They had an assortment of sweet and salty snacks, water, electrolyte drink, soda (haha, I ended up trying it at the last station… because I’m stupid and decided to try a new thing on race day), and energy gels. I had my 11 ounce water bottle fanny pack type thing with me and I refilled it at the stations each time. For the snacks? I ate a quarter of a PB&J sandwich at the first one, a GU at the second station, and chips at the third station (it kind of makes sense that after having all the sugary stuff, that you want something salty). Thanks to all the volunteers!

So after completely trashing my legs, especially my quads from all those downhills, I made it through the finish line in 4:15 (or just a hair under it). Yeah. That’s 4 hours and 15 minutes of running/jogging/power-hiking.

How did I do? Not that great overall… but at least I got 2nd in my age group.


^Sorry if I look crazed. I was kind of in a weird, delirious state when I got to take off my shoes and finally have a seat.

[Wow. The more I look at the picture, the more scared I become of my own face. Does that happen to everyone?]

Anyways… I think it will be a while before I attempt another trail run of that caliber. It’s pretty much insane how there were people who ran the full marathon AND a 50k (about 31 miles) today!!! Great job to all the finishers! You have been blessed with health and athleticism!


Right after the race, I chugged down a protein shake. They had lots of snacks but I had noooo appetite for any of it.

I actually did an ice bath today and I’m pretty sure it helped because I’m not that sore right now! In fact, I’m considering doing some kind of workout tomorrow (or at least a short shake-out run).


In the late afternoon, Susan and I headed out to Watsonville/Santa Cruz area for the SCUM youth retreat. We were just going to see the skits, and MAN were they super duper hilarious!



So sorry, but these were the only pictures that weren’t too blurry.

Also, I know you have no idea what’s going on in them, but I can assure you they had me laughing maniacally. In fact… I probably just ended up annoying everyone, hehe.

These campers definitely know how to make skits! Thanks, you guys, for such awesome skit presentations 😀


I needs to sleep now. Good night 🙂

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