Unconventional Carbo-loading

Okay. I kind of semi-failed in my carbo-loading yesterday. Oh, well.

I had lunch with Joe at Yiassoo (we had a coupon to get one entree free, so it was super cheap for two meals!). Chicken souvlaki plate for me:


So very good. Afterwards, we went to Kee Wah Bakery and got some bread. I ate a little bit of each one:


^I actually only like the crunchy red bean one (near the top) and Joe’s pineapple custard one. YUM.

Then for dinner, I went out to San Mateo to grab dinner at a fancy place with Tati. It’s called Central Park Bistro, and it was really nice inside the restaurant.


For starters, we got Heirloom tomatoes and Steak tartare:



And for the entree, we shared the special, Bacon-wrapped Seabass. I looooove ordering seabass at restaurants because the texture is so flippin’ amazing and it’s always been cooked perfectly.


There was some kind of super buttery/creamy sauce on the bottom, which I ate with the bread. Garsh. I think I ate too much fat instead of carbs. OH WELL.

We split the Bread pudding for dessert (because they rave about it on Yelp):


It obviously comes out a little differently, but WOW. It was tasty and I love the hot and cold action with the warm bread pudding and the vanilla ice cream.


I slept about 2.5 or 3 hours total… all totally interrupted. It’s okay. I never sleep well before a race.

Garmin is charged, I’ve got some energy gels, and I’m pretty much all set to get this race over with.

22 miles on the dirt. I’ll probably be sick of trail-running for a while after today. Pray for me ALLLL MORNING, yeah? Thanks 🙂

Have a blessed Saturday!

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