Off to SoCal Again!

Hi! Guess what? I’m off to SoCal today with some friends from church (who happen to be moms with teenagers). I’ll be reuniting with a wonderful person who was my mentor in high school and I’m super excited to see how she and her family are doing 😀

Okay. Super quick recap of yesterday:

REST DAY, except for walking to Starbucks from church (and back). It was pretty funny when a bunch of the young adults went in there and completely took over a full quarter of the place. Good times :). But the Starbucks barista was real happy to see that our group is growing… since he sees the young adult group there all the time.

Also, there was a post-retreat counselor-and-volunteer-appreciation dinner at Contra Costa United Methodist Church. We had Korean BBQ!

OMG. I had so much pork and bibim naengmyun, it was awesome! I ate about two plates of what is shown above.

There was also a lot of dessert-eating and fruit consumption. These people just GET ME.

Hey! Look at the pictures from retreat:

That’s Michael, me and Juni. If you look closely, you can see why people would think we’re all siblings. I kind of miss retreat :P, but at the same time, it’s great to have come out as changed peoples and to go make a difference in our campuses or workplaces!

One of the challenging messages from retreat was shown through a super cute video <—click here. It’s like less than two minutes long.


I hope your week is full of many blessings!

I’ll try to update you with the yummy meals, any gym sessions, and pool hangouts if I get a chance.

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