Come Fly With Me

Super quickly wanted to give you an update:

We got real pretty two nights ago. It was awesome 🙂

We went mad crazy shopping at Balboa Island yesterday (so many stores where everything is $15 or under):

I took the ladies to have Joe’s Italian Shaved Ice for the first time!

We had a lovely reunion with our previous pastor and his family!

We got our drinks on at Tebo Tebo Tea Lounge (place where Joe’s cousin, Sharon, took us last time):

And today, Jane’s friend Paul took us out to eat at a MAD DELICIOUS Sushi restaurant. Check out the BEAUTIFUL fat marbling on this yellowtail (hamachi):

Everything was so yummy!

Then Paul showed us how to fly and plane and let me and Jane fly around Southern California for a bit.

Thanks, Paul for letting us fly your plane!!!

Then we headed out to Laguna Beach to hang out and do some browsing at the super cute shops:


Okay, I’m kidding about flying the plane, hehe. He’s going to fly us out next time we go visit him 🙂


Hey. Yesterday was all about eating, but Jane and I actually worked out today!

She did the 17 minute Insanity Cardio Abs video with me and then headed out to the pool. Then I did the 38 minute Insanity Pure Cardio video while she was there. It was great to get a good sweat session in while on vacation… it allows me to justify my heavy calorie-consumption, hehe.


We’re having a wonderful time so far! Next post will be something like “Come Eat with Me” because we seriously did SO MUCH eating!

Hope you guys are having a blessed week 😀

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